• January 28, 2022

Rocket.Build 2020: Virtual Event Expands Possibilities

Rocket.Build is an annual hackathon event that is meant to engage Rocketeers, partners, customers, and the community to create real-world applicable solutions. For me, the event even predates my knowledge of Rocket Software. I participated in the community build a few years ago, and it’s what introduced me to the company. Now that I’m a Rocketeer, I find the event increasingly valuable. It allows us to innovate, collaborate, and watch our ideas come to life. I still look forward to the event every year, as it gives me a chance to demonstrate out-of-the-box solutions and ideas.

Even when Rocket.Build 2020 went virtual, I was looking forward to the event. With it being held virtually, it allowed us to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of Rocketeers across the globe. My team leveraged this opportunity to collaborate with individuals located in Arizona, the San Francisco Bay Area, and our architect in Denmark. Local events definitely have their charm, but I enjoyed the virtual approach more — without it, I would’ve never had the chance to collaborate with these individuals. Since Rocket is a global company, the virtual event is a great opportunity to share skills and capabilities with individuals from all over the world. 

Leading up to the event, potential team members and I frequently shared ideas and discussed potential innovations that we’ve been planning throughout the year. Collaborating with my teammates and having the chance to see some of the ideas we discussed come to life is exciting. I’m looking forward to transforming all the Webex meetings, brainstorming discussions, and Slack pins into elaborate documentation, and seeing the software we built finally become a reality.

Building on this year’s theme, Protect & Stabilize, we chose a project that would potentially open the door to Machine Learning applications for the IBM® Db2® Administration Tool for z/OS®. I was first approached for this project by a teammate who was interested in my background in building AI applications in grad school. Together, we filled out the team with Rocketeers who had extensive skills in working with REST for Db2 and writing REXX programs. Connected through digital channels, we’re just a video call away from each other, with the ability to break down hurdles into solvable problems and complete the set targets.

Having been introduced to Rocket.Build early in my career, I’ve greatly enjoyed watching it transform. Participating in it has helped me build new skills. We’re forced to wear many different hats and take on new positions in order to help our projects come together. The experience also helps Rocketeers learn and apply new concepts and technologies across various fields. I couldn’t be prouder to participate in this important event that boosts comradery and unites the global team of Rocketeers.

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Revanth Akella is a Software Engineer with the Db2 Admin Team at Rocket Software Campbell office. When not working, Revanth enjoys reading, building AI applications, listening to 70s jazz music or playing music with his band.


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