• December 3, 2021

How TRUfusion Enterprise Can Help The Automotive Industry Recover After COVID-19

Travel, retail, hospitality. The list of industries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic is long. One industry that received significant attention at the beginning of the pandemic was manufacturing. With borders closed, the supply chain was limited, which caused significant delays to manufacturing. There were also many manufacturing plants that had to reassess what they were building, as workloads shifted to prioritize cleaning and health care supplies. 

For car manufacturing, the industry suffered additional setbacks. With the travel industry losing revenue from borders being closed and stay-at-home orders in effect, car rental companies are still struggling to survive. With fewer rental cars on the road, they had to work with manufacturers to call off or return large orders of cars. Along with lost revenue due to orders being canceled, they still had to deal with supply chain disruptions and closures of assembly plants. Now, as the pandemic continues into it’s eighth month in North America, many are looking for ways to recover after these drastic setbacks.

Rocket® TRUfusion™ Enterprise

Getting ahead in the manufacturing industry is difficult, but staying ahead during the pandemic is even more challenging. With revenue streams suffering, the car manufacturing industry needs to focus on revenue-generating work, employee productivity and protecting their supply chain efficiency. 

With Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise, automotive manufacturers can take the friction out of collaborative design, saving engineers time, preventing errors, and reducing risk. By letting employees focus on businesses development, improving productivity, and allowing engineers to dedicate themselves to revenue-generating tasks, TRUfusion Enterprise helps lower the operating costs for car manufacturers. All of this is done with Rocket’s assurance of security and traceability. 

Case Study: An Automotive Interior Manufacturing

For a Rocket client in the automotive interiors manufacturing space, they leveraged TRUfusion Enterprise to improve data exchange. With over 110 locations in 20 countries, and more than 32,000 employees, secure information and data sharing was critical to their businesses. They needed all product lifecycle management information and data in a single system for all engineers to access and be able to exchange with their key suppliers to drive vehicle programs they are working on forwards with their customers.

Before implementing TRUfusion Enterprise, the company had imported customer and supplier data saved in various locations and file systems. This limited the traceability of their data, resulting in duplicate work and sometimes costly errors. Their tedious and error-prone manual data exchange processes cost the designers thousands of hours per year, resulting in lost revenue for the company. Once they implemented TRUfusion Enterprise alongside their PLM system Teamcenter, all data was stored in a single environment with the easy-to-use capability to share it with customers and suppliers improving traceability and reducing errors. All interactions with the data went through Teamcenter, which also improved availability to other employees. Overall, TRUfusion Enterprise streamlined processes, which helped to save the company money. During such a challenging time, finding resources to help improve workflows is increasingly important. 

Recovering from the Pandemic

With the pandemic continuing longer than most expected, and no sign of a vaccine, businesses that suffered at the beginning of the outbreak are struggling to improve revenue streams. Finding ways to do business more efficiently could be what helps manufacturing stay afloat. Automating product data exchanges minimizes the chance of errors, lets engineers focus on innovative designs and allows enterprises to share IP in an end-to-end, secure environment, all of which will help the industry recover. 

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Dr. Martyn Davies is Director of Product Management at Rocket Software and responsible for the product roadmap of the B2B supply chain integration products.


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