• August 17, 2022

Legendary Help: Helping Travelers Stay Safe

Traveling can be an amazing experience. There are new cultures, foods, and people to discover. There is history to get lost in or magnificent new inventions to see. But not knowing the culture or the city can also be overwhelming, especially if something goes wrong. Travel insurance can give travelers some assurance that, if something does go wrong, they have resources that can help them receive medical attention, stay safe, and return home. 

For a U.S. insurance provider, they knew that customers and employees required quick, online access to important travel documentation, including travel policies, personal profiles, and other related information. Unfortunately, existing IT infrastructure was slow, redundant, and inefficient. Customers could not easily access the information they needed, as the interface was not user-friendly or intuitive. In order to provide the best possible experience, the insurance provider needed to upgrade their existing IT systems. 

The Problem: Inefficient Systems Creating Delays

With important information stored on the insurance provider’s IT systems, customers and employees needed timely access to travel documentations. Unfortunately, the infrastructure was slow, redundant, and unable to process the large volume of data stored in its legacy systems efficiently. This made it difficult for users to access and view the information needed for travel policies, personal profiles, and more, as the current search capabilities were limited and not intuitive. This resulted in wasted time and money printing extra, unnecessary documents. 

In order to provide the best user experience for its employees and customers, the insurance provider needed to consolidate its IT systems and move away from the current, costly solution. They also needed to maintain access to relevant documents in the legacy system after migration. 

The Solution: Rocket® EOS 360

The insurance provider found a robust solution to their data access problem with Rocket® EOS 360, a mainframe output management system that drives efficiency and increases security. With Rocket EOS 360, businesses can provide a modern, digital experience to its users, while increasing workflow efficiencies and data security. It provides fast and secure data access to users, which was imperative for the insurance provider. It also provided the robust archiving and restoration capabilities that the insurance provider needed to ensure easy online access to travelers’ documents.

With EOS 360, the insurance provider was able to improve the data processing time and increase operational efficiencies through its Table of Contents functionalities. This allowed users to export and print a targeted list of data rather than an entire report, saving the company $330k a year with a 30 percent printing reduction rate. It also helped to reduce several hours of processing time per use.

What was once an inefficient IT infrastructure became a simplified system. EOS 360 was able to integrate with the company’s existing mainframe environment to create a modern, accessible experience for both its employees and clients.

Creating Efficient User Experiences for Travelers

With Rocket EOS 360, the insurance provider now had a robust archiving and restoration process, ensuring easy access to traveler’s online documents. It also helped them transition to a system that was integrated with their current mainframe environment to create a modern user experience. With so many unknown aspects of traveling, providing customers with easy access to their travel documentation can put them at ease. The insurance provider’s clients now know that they can access the care they need in case of emergency.

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