• August 17, 2022

Legendary Help: Keeping Important Payments On Schedule

With unprecedented demand for public services during the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. government agencies have had to improve their IT applications. But IT issues also impact employees, and it’s important to keep internal IT systems updated and working efficiently. In uncertain times, this can help reassure employees that they will be taken care of, no matter where they are or what problems they encounter.

For a Rocket client and government agency, they knew that their IT infrastructure was critical for their employees as it processed important payments that they relied on. Keeping historical documents accessible and updated was also necessary for salary information. With the application that they used to manage these records becoming obsolete, they needed a new solution to ensure that employees kept receiving important payments and had access to salary and payment information, no matter where they were located. By decommissioning their existing application, they could establish a more accessible and scalable system to manage their reports.

The Problem: Obsolete Applications

With salaries and payments an important aspect for employees, a Rocket client prioritized keeping historical documents accessible and updated. Unfortunately, the application that they depended on to manage these records was becoming obsolete. Although data was stored in a mainframe environment, users had to install the application on their PC system to access documents. It also merged data from the mainframe’s page layouts, which were difficult for users to navigate.

Increasing access to critical IT infrastructure and applications also became necessary. The agency needed a web-based, scalable solution that allowed individuals to access records easily from anywhere in the world, instead of relying on their PCs for access. It also had to integrate easily with its mainframe environment and support applications that processed online report management, indexing, archiving, and retrieval. As this was highly sensitive data, the solution also had to exist in a secure environment and be certifiable by government standards.

The Solution: Rocket® EOS 360

Rocket® EOS 360 has become the preferred solution for many clients looking for efficient and secure data access. With its ability to create modern digital experiences, EOS 360 gives users increased access to important information and an easy-to-use user interface. By centralizing all data on EOS 360, there is a single, secure point of access for the business, keeping them in compliance with any regulations, including meeting government standards. 

The government service chose Rocket EOS 360 to replace their older application. Within three months, data from the previous application was quickly transferred to EOS 360. Since they relied on an existing mainframe system, the agency could also easily integrate EOS 360 into the mainframe environment to replicate the data merge and create an accessible web interface. This helped them deliver efficiency, accessibility, and security, which were paramount for the client. The security features also helped them stay compliant with government regulations.

As they didn’t need to develop a brand new application, this government agency was able to save on costs. The new system is able to produce 400 different types of reports from four applications, serve 3,000 potential users and process 1,000 reports per month.

Providing Assurance for Employees 

With remote work becoming more common during the pandemic, employees are now needing IT support and applications that function wherever they’re located. For this government services agency, they realized that their current system couldn’t support that environment, or the reports that employees needed. By updating their system with Rocket EOS 360, they were able to assure employees that their payments could be processed efficiently and that all salary information was secure.

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