• August 15, 2022

Welcome WebConnect and ConnectiQ to Rocket Software

Today, Rocket announced the acquisition of WebConnect terminal emulation and ConnectiQ mainframe RPA from ActiveOps.

We are overjoyed to bring these two leading technologies – and their incredible customer base – into the Rocket family. Each represent an opportunity for Rocket to expand its capabilities and leadership in the legacy software space, and better serve our customers around the world.

Robotic Process Automation

ConnectiQ is an incredible Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool for mainframe environments. Its customers, many of whom are in the healthcare payer industry, have achieved mind-blowing efficiencies by automating the most often repeated, most labor-intensive functions in their claims processes, saving millions and millions of dollars. 

Within the Rocket modernization portfolio, RPA serves as another option on the spectrum of choices for mainframe and IBM i leaders. Whether you’re seeking to revamp the user experience, streamline the user processes, access the data – or – automate an entire domain, Rocket has the solutions to help you in your journey.  

ConnectiQ fits perfectly into that set of choices, ensuring customers can greet the future with their legacy applications. 

Terminal Emulation

Rocket has been delivering enterprise-class terminal emulation solutions for decades, with our BlueZone solutions. Now, with WebConnect, we are glad to bring another mainframe terminal emulator into the fold. 

Terminal emulation is not a new solution, but one with a great deal of history. Still, it is an area where Rocket continues to actively innovate, most recently supporting the Zowe platform for mainframes. This acquisition represents yet another investment in a space we see as critical for anyone engaging with a host system. 

An efficient, configurable and comfortable terminal emulator truly changes the experience of working with a mainframe, IBM i, or VT-based system. That’s why we’re glad to have WebConnect in our portfolio of exceptional tools. 

Rocket Software has, over the years, acquired dozens of incredible technologies that, when brought together, create a wealth of opportunities to enhance, integrate and innovate upon legacy systems. This acquisition is no exception.  

If you’re now a new Rocket customer, Welcome! Reach out to us anytime. We’re certain you’ll love our commitment to the mainframe, our exceptional customer support, and our deep appreciation for each and every customer.

Learn more about ConnectiQ and WebConnect on our website.

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Christopher Wey joined Rocket Software in 2020 as the President of the Rocket business unit that develops IBM i solutions and cross-platform utilities. Chris brings two decades of experience leading product organizations, transforming companies through organic and inorganic growth, and driving business strategy. Prior to joining Rocket, he was Senior Vice President at Carbonite, where he led two lines of business as well as corporate development and strategic partnerships. In the past, Chris was Vice President of Strategy, Technology, and Business Development for Avaya Client Services, and a range of positions at IBM.


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