• August 17, 2022

Legendary Help: Providing Services to Farmers

Farming is an essential industry. Farmers feed citizens, create jobs, and help stimulate the economy. It’s an industry that’s been around since the beginning of civilization. For that reason though, many people don’t see farming as an innovative industry. They assume that over the years, farming practices may have mechanized, but they probably haven’t changed too much. At GWK, they prioritize innovating the industry that feeds us and powers our communities. Operating across many business units, GWK provides an array of services to farmers: consulting on planting and mechanization, organizing grain and livestock auctions, and procuring the plants and seeds themselves that provide the country sustenance. 

The Problem

A complicated organization with diverse division functions, GWK is heavily reliant on its IT infrastructure. This means that farmers, customers, and other partners also rely on this infrastructure. And a large part of that is powered by Mercury Flash, a top Multivalue database management tool for Rocket® UniData® and UniVerse® that is developed by a Rocket partner, Paradigm Systems. This browser-based system allows non-technical users to access and manage the database easily. It is also extremely secure, which is essential for accessing and protecting valuable information. 

The Results

As a Paradigm customer, GWK has depended on the UniVerse and UniData platforms for decades. Over the years, they have extended their core applications many times to keep up with their ever-evolving business demands. With UniVerse and UniData, GWK benefits from a stable, secure, and fast data server and engine with high availability and low administrative overhead. For many critical businesses worldwide, they rely on these services for their important data. 

Paradigm’s MultiValue database models—which are not only more efficient than other database models, but also accelerate application development time—are a key differentiator to Paradigm’s product. Wim van Rooyen, Managing Director of GWK’s Farm Foods division, credits Paradigm’s solutions for providing them with robust, economical solutions that can efficiently scale with the growth of our business.

Rocket’s UniData and UniVerse have constantly proven themselves in diverse industries. From agriculture and food supply chains to real estate and restaurants, they are counted on to provide reliable, consistent results. GWK’s decision to continue to leverage this tried-and-true platform has proven to be a strategic asset in an industry where the prevailing attitude is rip-and-replace.

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