• May 17, 2022

Legendary Help: Supplying essential utilities to local communities

Now, more than ever, electricity is an important part of our everyday life. From powering light and appliances to ensuring life-saving medical equipment can operate uninterrupted, we depend on electricity to run our modern societies. And with more people than ever working from and staying at home, electricity is what connects us all. 

For electricity providers, they need to ensure that their customers and employees are always able to access basic information, such as invoices, to ensure that services are running smoothly and continuously. A Rocket customer and electricity provider had over 40 million client files stored and archived on their system from over the years. As the number of customer records grew, they needed Rocket’s help to organize their data so that their customers could easily access important documents.

The Problem: Increasing amounts of data

With over 40 million client files stored and archived on this electricity provider’s system, customers were finding it difficult and time-consuming to access their information. And as demand increased, they knew that the problem would only become more difficult to handle. They quickly realized that in order to provide the best service, they needed a solution that could integrate with their customer portal. This would help them effectively archive all of their data while allowing customers to view their records quickly.

The Solution: A scalable solution to data demands

As mainframe users, the electricity company needed a solution that would work effectively with their current IT infrastructure. With over 30 years in the mainframe space, Rocket had a solution to meet their demands, regardless of the source or format of this data. The company chose the Rocket Folders platform to help them manage their abundant data as it helps users archive and access a large volume of information. 

A scalable solution, Rocket Folders was able to meet the increasing and evolving data demands of the client. And it was easy to implement. Administering the solution didn’t require a lot of manual effort, as the platform automatically ingested documents from any source and in any format. So far, Rocket Folders has archived 46 million files for the provider using more than 100 million indexes.

Despite the large volume of data, Rocket Folders ensures that the company’s customers can always access their records, as it is a high availability system with constant document recovery capabilities. Now, the clients who depend on the electricity provider to power their homes, workplaces, and businesses can access data in less than one second when selecting and viewing their invoices and other important documentation. Rocket Folders proved to be the ideal archiving solution, as it was scalable to meet their increasing data demands and easy to implement. 

Powering essential services

In order to power our daily activities and the critical transactions for our major institutions, electricity providers must be always on and accessible. And as the world’s population turns to technology for their evolving needs, there will be increasing demand on these providers. Having a scalable solution in place to manage data demands will become increasingly important—and Rocket can provide and implement these solutions easily for providers across the globe.

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