• August 17, 2022

New Terminal Emulator Brings Innovation to Users of Mission-Critical Systems

The past year has dramatically shifted how businesses operate, moving many to full-time remote or hybrid work environments. Unfortunately, the speed at which this change took place meant that many businesses were unprepared, relying on systems that weren’t optimized for a new work environment. 

Luckily, Rocket is prepared to help. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping modernize IT infrastructures for businesses that rely on legacy systems, improving access, integration, and security. Now, with decades of investment and research behind it, I’m proud to announce the launch of Rocket® Terminal Emulator. For businesses that rely on IBM Z, IBM i, and other VT-based systems to power their operations and IT infrastructure, this represents a critical update to an often-overlooked technology space.

As technology environments grow and change, access to mainframes remains important. Rudimentary emulators hinder a user’s ability and create frustrations due to limited configurability and cumbersome interfaces. This results in a loss of productivity and increased error rates, which compromise the core operational systems of the business. 

We’re constantly striving to be the best partner for our clients who rely on legacy systems, which is why we prioritize ongoing innovation and support for IBM Z and IBM i systems. Rocket Terminal Emulator is no exception. With this release we are:

  • Delivering important new functionality like mainframe printing
  • Offering this software upgrade free to any Rocket terminal emulator customer
  • Giving customers of other terminal emulators an opportunity to lower their costs with Rocket

We’re at a critical juncture, where businesses need to keep their employees safe while still maintaining secure access to core business applications. That’s why I’m so excited to deliver another feature-rich, highly configurable solution that enhances host access for users while keeping costs low. We’re committed to legacy systems, proud of our innovation and eager to support every Rocket customer, whether decades old or brand new. 

For more information about Rocket Terminal Emulator, or for a 30-day free trial of the enterprise-class solution, please visit our product page

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Christopher Wey joined Rocket Software in 2020 as the President of the Rocket business unit that develops IBM i solutions and cross-platform utilities. Chris brings two decades of experience leading product organizations, transforming companies through organic and inorganic growth, and driving business strategy. Prior to joining Rocket, he was Senior Vice President at Carbonite, where he led two lines of business as well as corporate development and strategic partnerships. In the past, Chris was Vice President of Strategy, Technology, and Business Development for Avaya Client Services, and a range of positions at IBM.


  • Abhishek Joshi Reply

    August 18, 2021 at 1:14 am

    It’s exciting news. Remote working has changed the dimensions of the business world. Hope new technology like this will keep coming to ease business.

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