• May 18, 2022

How the Rocket® TRUfusion™ Enterprise Enhancements Are Advancing Product Design

Today, Rocket announced enhancements to their TRUfusion Enterprise software, a cost-effective solution to facilitate collaboration in product design processes. Organizations involved in complex supply chain design systems must be able to collaborate on a global scale to provide high-tech consumer products. These TRUfusion enhancements save valuable time and resources while preventing errors and reducing risk for companies using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems.

TRUfusion Enterprise improves efficiency and accuracy so that the correct data is delivered accurately and on time – which results in cost savings for manufacturers. In fact, the updates reduce time for PDX (Product Design Data eXchange) by 95% when compared to manual multi-step approaches. Read more about TRUfusion Enterprise’s capabilities:

Integration with Existing Platforms

Rocket’s TRUfusion Enterprise enhancements include a new PTC® Windchill® plug-in that enables users to initiate, execute and automate PDX processes within their familiar Windchill client. Enterprises can exchange CAD and related product design data with customers and suppliers using software they’re already accustomed to. This integration brings the combined benefits of Windchill’s leading PLM system and Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise.

The release also includes enhancements to the Siemens® Teamcenter® Active Workspace client plug-in. Rocket serves numerous automotive T1 suppliers and Formula 1 Teams that have benefited from this plug-in for many years, and now they are able to get even more advantages from the improved Active Workspace client plug-in.

These plug-in updates provide automated, traceable, secure CAD and PLM design data exchange that improve the productivity of enterprise design and engineering staff. The integration of manufacturers’ existing programs with Rocket’s TRUfusion Enterprise enhancements offer a powerful combination of solutions. Rocket’s partnerships with PTC, Siemens and T-Systems International mean that customers can be confident that TRUfusion Enterprise will stay in sync with any new releases for these systems.

Increased Functionality and Usability

Organizations involved in high-volume, collaborative supply chain design processes need programs that prioritize ease of use so they can focus on creating. TRUfusion Enterprise software is built to provide a complete solution by bringing increased functionality and usability to complex processes.

The latest enhancements replace Java Web Service (JWS) with HMTL 5 for Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise Web Client and TRUfusion Enterprise Portal Web Client for an improved user experience. With these updates, PDX send and receive transactions are streamlined by 95% when compared to manual multi-step approaches.

Functionality and usability are key to preventing costly mistakes like project delays. With Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise software, teams can track the sharing of high-value product design IP and simplify compliance with customer expectations. These updates bring maintenance updates and UI enhancements to ensure teams are working at their highest levels of productivity.

Exceeding Design Goals

With the release of these new enhancements to the Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise software, high-tech manufacturers will have the capabilities they need to execute complex design processes. At every stage of a project, design teams can take advantage of improved productivity to exceed their customers’ goals.

Read more about Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise for B2B supply chain integration here.

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