• May 17, 2022

Ensuring Optimal Electronic Data Interchange with Rocket® EDX 6

Yesterday, Rocket announced enhancements to Rocket® EDX, an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) cloud managed service that lets users outsource all their global EDI needs to the proven EDI experts at Rocket Software.  

With these updates, Rocket can continue to help customers with their day-to-day EDI tasks and management needs to ensure the mechanics of successful global EDI.  

Enhancing Customer Service 

EDX 6 provides a highly secure, on-demand solution for outsourcing EDI-related tasks so that users can spend time on what they are experts in – their business. Users retain complete visibility while their support team at Rocket handles the details of EDI execution. 

The EDX web portal is easy to use so that teams can quickly access operational and business intelligence insights into EDI activity. With these enhancements, users can focus in on the insights that are relevant and actionable to them, without losing visibility of the bigger picture. 

At Rocket, we know that business is constantly evolving. That’s why our EDI experts are available to respond to our customers’ changing needs. Onboarding with EDX 6 is quick and easy, enabling companies to get to work with their trading partners. David Wollin, software application specialist at EVCO Plastics, says, “EDX has become an essential daily tool” thanks to “Rocket’s experienced customer service team.” 

Delivering Cost Savings 

Research shows that cloud-based EDI solutions save organizations an average of 25-75% in upfront costs. The Rocket EDX SaaS model provides a low entry cost to global EDI by removing the need for users to purchase or pay for servers, more hardware, translation and mapping software or communications software and services. With Rocket’s EDX enhancements, businesses can launch their global EDI strategy without excessive cost barriers. 

In addition to the upfront cost savings, cloud-based EDI solutions provide savings of 50-75% in long term expenses like software updates and hardware upgrades. With EDX 6, companies don’t have to worry about maintaining costly IT infrastructure to enable EDI and will benefit from fast return on investment. 

Streamlining Integration with Partners 

Business does not happen in a vacuum. Today, companies need to be aligned with each of their partners to ensure business agility. This requires B2B solutions that effectively integrate with key business partners.  

Rocket EDX 6 provides this service for the increasingly interconnected business environment. The solution delivers end-to-end management of EDI B2B supply chain integration as a service, ensuring document flow with both EDI and non-EDI enabled trading partners. By integrating with existing ERPs and supporting common EDI standards, EDX 6 enables the partnerships that drive businesses forward. 

Reliable EDI as a Service 

The announcement of these EDX 6 enhancements will allow organizations to efficiently onboard trading partners, reduce costs of EDI ownership and integrate with commonly used communication protocols, all with the reliable support of Rocket’s team of experts. With this release, outsourcing a global EDI cloud managed service is more straightforward than ever before. 

Read more about Rocket EDX 6 here. 

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