• August 14, 2022

One Year of Supporting Customers with the Rocket Forum

We blinked, and 200,000 page views later, the Rocket Forum is one year old! In an industry that is feeling the strain of an aging workforce, this completely free resource is helping members navigate the challenges of modernizing their IBM i, IBM Z and MultiValue environments, and get more value from their Rocket solutions. It only takes a minute to create an account and begin tapping this expert network of Rocketeers (staff), product users worldwide and people like you. Product users and leaders of IBM i and IBM Z technical teams can post about any topic and get answers from a wide variety of perspectives. Users of Rocket products gain insight into what’s new and what’s next from product managers, and even have the opportunity to influence product roadmaps to ensure their continued success.

In a single year, the Forum has seen more than 20,000 interactions between members and supported 28,000 individuals who have visited the site. Together, we’re building a growing community that boasts nearly 2,000 members and hundreds of Rocket employees who are there to support them with any question or challenge they may have. The Rocket Forum is ensuring that customers are getting the most out of their product investments and that their feedback is being heard.

Influence The Future of Rocket Products

Rocket values customer feedback – after all, it’s the best way to know how to fully meet customer needs and ensure they are successful with Rocket products. That’s why product managers are there to listen on the Rocket Forum and understand what challenges customers may be facing. Forum conversations are used to develop roadmaps for updates and features that will be added to products in the future. If a customer has input on how to improve a product they use, the Rocket Forum is a space to share that and influence the future of the solutions they use every day.

With customers’ help, Rocket products can be even better at supporting their organizations’ goals. In just its first year, the Forum has hosted eight early adopter programs with users helping design and test new product features. There’s no better way to ensure users’ success than to introduce the features and functions they need to achieve their objectives.

Share Knowledge and Get Always-On Support

The Rocket Forum is built on the values of empathy and humanity; members help each other by sharing expertise with new learners. With 17 different forum areas (in addition to our by-invitation early adopter groups), a user can gain insight into any question about a Rocket product that may come up. These pages are easily searchable and user-friendly so that it is easy to find the information you’re looking for. Users can begin new threads on these pages, contribute to existing conversations and start new topics with the support of Rocket moderators.

Forum members and moderators are engaged and always at the ready to help out because of the belief in collaboration that underpins the community. One participant says, “The Rocket Community is the first place I go when I feel like I have no idea what I am doing…I appreciate that the average community member will go out of their way to not just give an answer to a question/problem but also explain WHY they recommend their answer as the correct one.” Insight from other developers on the Forum creates amazing outcomes – as another member puts it, “The more people share their experiences, the more we all learn from each other and the better we become collectively as developers.”

Join a Collaborative Community

The Rocket Forum is a unique community of users because there is always someone to connect with who is working towards a similar goal. The network of peers is there to help overcome any obstacle and celebrate each other’s wins, improving everyone’s effectiveness. One member says, “The Forum connects you with other experienced people, so you’re never alone.” And that’s what it’s really all about. This year we needed community more than ever, and the Rocket Forum is a place to share, support and strengthen each other.

As the Forum community continues to grow, Rocket is excited about the future we can create together. It is inspiring to be a part of the connections that are made here and the mutual support as users ask, receive and give help to others. Together, we are showing members what support really means and creating something worth celebrating.

Celebrate With Us

Rocketeers appreciate all of the engagement of Forum members over the past year and are happy to provide our continued support to help make users successful. By registering, you’ll also receive invitations to forum-exclusive events including private user groups and early adopter forums.

If you aren’t a member already, celebrate this milestone by joining today! Register here to begin leveraging the Forum community, sharing and gaining knowledge, and building your skills and networks.

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I lead Rocket's global Customer Advocacy initiatives, focusing on ensuring the voice of the customer permeates all we do.


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