• January 28, 2022

Rocket’s Updated Documentation Portal Provides Modernized Experience for Streamlined Searches

At Rocket, we know our customers are busy working to meet – and exceed – their organization’s IT goals to drive results. When it comes to troubleshooting or learning more about their Rocket solutions, they need to be able to easily search and access the information relevant to their products and interests. These searches need to be specific and instantaneous so that users can conveniently find the content they need, without digging through extraneous files. And while the Rocket support team is always there for our customers, we understand that many times it’s more efficient for users to access the answers they need on their own.

With this in mind, Rocket is excited to announce the latest updates to the Rocket Product Documentation Portal to address these needs.

Less Time Searching, More Time Finding Answers

The updated Documentation Portal is a user-friendly, web-based search portal that is completely accessible to the public and available 24/7 to answer users’ questions about Rocket products and capabilities. Users will now be able to search for specific information and filter by product, content type and keywords, enabling much more granular results that meet their specific needs. This means less time spent scrolling and skimming, and more time getting the answer needed to enable successful use of Rocket products. Initially, users will find some products in HTML topics and others in PDF, but still searchable. Over time, all content will be converted to HTML for more granular search and consumption.

Users have the option to set up an account on the Portal, allowing for customized search experiences. Once a user creates an account, they can set search preferences so that the most relevant content is prioritized in their searches. For instance, if they are only using one specific product, results related to that product will come up first in future searches. These preferences can easily be changed or switched off if needed. Users can also “watch” a certain topic to receive email updates when related content is updated or removed.

The portal also features a “collections” tool which allows users to save content to their personal library so they can easily return to information they use frequently and share collections of content with colleagues. Since all the content is public, users can share a link directly to any relevant resource or collection for more effective collaboration.

The updated portal (above) provides a modernized, streamlined search experience. The former Documentation Portal (below) required more time and effort to search.

Continuing to Deliver on Our Promise to Customers

Another key feature of the improved Documentation Portal is the ability for users to quickly share feedback with the Rocket team. With a few clicks, customers can let Rocket know if content they need is missing or needs updates, requires additions or corrections. With this feedback, Rocket can quickly respond to continue to meet customer needs and deliver on the promise to never let a customer fail. As users engage with the portal, Rocket will continue to evolve content to make improvements based on what content is accessed most frequently so that we can better serve users.

While customers can now more easily access these resources, the Rocket support team is always available to answer any question that may come up. To this end, the Portal enhancements will also be crucial to enabling Rocketeers to provide the highest levels of service to customers. Improved search and better navigation will allow support teams to direct users to specific content, exactly where they can find the answer they need, rather than a link to a large PDF that users have to download and search through.

Driving Customer Success with Rocket Products

As users familiarize themselves with the new Documentation Portal, Rocket is here to support the transition. By navigating to the “Welcome” page, users can access a how-to guide on getting started with the site, including video tutorials and explanations of key features.

With this tool’s modernized experience, Rocket is empowering users to feel confident they can find the content they need in one place. This way, they can quickly get the answers they need, resulting in significant time savings. These updates represent another way Rocket is enabling the optimal use of our products to drive customer success.

To learn more, check out these helpful videos and visit the Documentation Portal.


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