• May 17, 2022

Why Modernization Must Start with Your Employee Workflows

To stay competitive, today’s business operations must run like a well-oiled machine – as the saying goes, time is money. Efficiency impacts revenue, customer service, brand reputation, the list goes on and on. Of course, at Rocket, we believe in the power of cutting-edge technology to keep operations running smoothly for enhanced outcomes. We also believe that the best tools and solutions must always be oriented toward one central goal – helping people.

People – employees, stakeholders, customers and other end-users – should always remain the focus of modernization efforts. When organizations are determining how to modernize their operations, the place to begin is by considering their employee workflows. Rocket Process Insights is a visual tool that enables total workflow visibility to show businesses the starting point on their modernization journey. Rocket Process Insights tracks the ways employees engage with the data and business logic of their IBM i applications to find the workflows that would benefit most from modernization.

With key workflows modernized, employees can accomplish tasks more efficiently, increase productivity, have higher job satisfaction and add more value to their organization. When it comes to legacy technologies, Rocket’s solutions and expert support can help organizations understand which workflows to modernize and how to prioritize users’ needs throughout the process.

Improve User Experience

Organizations’ IBM i systems process huge volumes of information every month, and even minor dips in efficiency can compound into significant costs. Many of these transactions consist of repetitive and time-consuming actions that are still manually handled by employees using green-screen interfaces that aren’t user-friendly. As a result, millions of dollars are spent paying people to engage with systems tediously. Especially during a time when the IT industry is experiencing a talent shortage, modernizing these workflows can mean the difference between securing new hires and losing them to other IT sectors.

No one enjoys spending their days on monotonous, repetitive work that they know automation could be doing for them. These types of tasks create frustration, burnout and lead to high turnover rates, which costs an organization more time (and money) to find and train new employees. When employees are accomplishing more fulfilling work, their mental health and productivity improve. Modernizing employee workflows frees them from tiresome work so they can channel their talents towards growing the business and seeing rewards.

With Rocket’s modernization solutions, business users can build automated workflows in just a few clicks without requiring an understanding of COBOL or RPG. This means that they don’t need to be an expert to use the solution, which will expand talent pools. Rocket Process Automation also allows employees to update these workflows easily and quickly as business needs change, ensuring processes remain relevant to evolving business landscapes.

Automation releases employees from the need to manually input and manage processes, freeing them to engage in more meaningful business activities such as acting on innovative ideas and perfecting customer service. When modernization is centered around employee needs, organizations can improve overall morale while ensuring business continues to operate like clockwork.

Ensure Higher Quality Outcomes

Manual processes aren’t just time-consuming and cost-inefficient– they may also introduce user errors that risk impacting business outcomes. These errors may go unnoticed for some time, until the impacts reach across business operations or are discovered by internal or external audits. In the worst-case scenario, this can result in costly penalties and fines. Businesses can minimize the likelihood of these types of errors and deliver higher quality, more precise results by modernizing and automating workflows.

Engaging automation can ensure around-the-clock compliance for highly regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare and cybersecurity that often rely on legacy technology. Rather than replacing a human, automation can support them to do better work and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. With this added level of quality assurance, employees can spend less time checking for and resolving errors and more time crossing tasks off their to-do lists.

Automating customer service and support workflows also brings added value to organizations. Converting time-consuming tasks like data entry, tracking and escalation into automated workflows allows your customer service representatives to focus on higher-value customer interactions instead of more operational tasks. This prioritizes the personal interactions that make a real impact on customer experiences.

Organizations can modernize the customer experience even further by implementing self-service tools like IT service desks and automated chatbots. These tools provide customer support and services that meet the expectations of today’s modern consumers. As a result, customers will be more satisfied with their experience, increasing loyalty and improving the business’s reputation.

Begin the Modernization Journey

The modernization journey involves multiple phases and should be responsive to changes within and outside of an enterprise. This means organizations need tools that can adapt to meet their evolving needs and teams to support them throughout the process. Rocket’s suite of Intelligent Legacy Automation solutions and our expert Rocketeers are here to help organizations get started or continue on their modernization journey. At Rocket, our priority is assisting people in accomplishing their best work to optimize their contributions to their organization. When modernization begins with employee workflows and addressing real peoples’ needs, Rocket customers can reach their full potential and see legendary results.

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