• January 28, 2022

How Rocket Lives Up to Its Value to Never Let a Customer Fail

The Rocket team knows that true success with a solution requires more than just the right tools—it requires a network of support to leverage the full capabilities of those tools. To this end, Rocket has built in the value to never let a customer fail into all of our products and services.

We strive to create a community that shares experience and knowledge to gain the most value from our solutions and ensure they are meeting customer needs. Here are just a few of the ways we help millions of users around the world drive their businesses forward by not only creating legendary enterprise software solutions, but also by building relationships to support them on their modernization journeys.

The Rocket Forum

Our customers can find a community of support on the Rocket Forum, a place where users can participate in discussions and share resources with other members. Membership is free and it only takes a few moments to join. Members can create and respond to posts on a wide range of topics related to Rocket products. Each product has its own designated forum pages to help users stay informed, learn and share knowledge. Users can collaborate with peers to learn best practices to rapidly build and deploy solutions that are stable, secure and efficient.

Rocket experts also join the conversation on the Forum so users can gain access to insight from the people who create and maintain the solutions themselves. Moderators are always there to monitor the conversation and jump in whenever support is needed. The entire platform is easily searchable and carefully maintained so that information is up-to-date and readily available – that way, users aren’t wasting time looking for the answers they need and can get back to the work that drives results for their organizations. The Rocket Forum is driven by the belief that collaboration is essential to maximizing the collective expertise of users, and by bringing these ideas together, solutions are even more powerful.

Customer Input and Feedback

Feedback from our customers is held in the highest regard at Rocket. That’s why we use that input to create our product roadmaps, which illustrate how we plan to further develop a solution into the future. If a customer expresses a need that is not being met by their product, we do our best to integrate that feature into the roadmap so users are getting the functions that will help them support their organizations’ IT environments. In this way, our relationship with customers is a two-way conversation – we are always listening and responding to their input.

We want to make our customers’ lives easier by maintaining and improving the solutions they rely on. For instance, we recently acquired the database and tools products of Zumasys, Inc., a provider of MultiValue database software. This acquisition enabled us to protect the investment enterprises have made in MultiValue products and future-proof the entire MultiValue ecosystem. Now, those products will be supported by developers, quality assurance engineers and user experience designers from around the globe so that customers can continue to get value from this mission critical platform.

The Rocket Technical Support Team

We understand that software is only a solution when it is up and running — which is why our dedicated customer support team is a part of what makes Rocket’s solutions so powerful. When problems arise, our committed support professionals have the experience and product knowledge needed to diagnose and resolve issues within hours. They are proactive and always available, so our customers have the peace of mind that their systems will be working effectively even in the case of a disruption.

Rocket support teams also streamline the onboarding process for new customers to simplify implementation of any modernization effort. Every customer has their own specific needs, so we make sure the design and configuration of our solutions are customized to fit individual environment. We also provide trainings to equip onsite teams with the right skills after implementation and are always available to respond to questions. For customers that prefer to find a quick answer themselves, our documentation portal is a user-friendly, up-to-date repository of readily available information.

Commitment to Customers

Each of these resources embody the level of commitment to customers that Rocket is invested in delivering. Whether an organization has a question about getting started, has been a customer for years or wants to connect with like-minded professionals with common interests, there is a space for them in the Rocket community. With these networks of support, Rocket continues to live up to its promise to never let a customer fail.

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I lead Rocket's global Customer Advocacy initiatives, focusing on ensuring the voice of the customer permeates all we do.


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