• May 17, 2022

Webinar: Ready to Migrate to the Cloud? Here’s the Ultimate Checklist to Get You There.

Are you a cloud holdout? Increasingly, businesses that are still holding out find themselves in the minority as companies transition from existing infrastructures to the cloud to be more ‘tech nimble’ and responsive. In a ten-year span between 2017 and 2028, Fortune Business Insights forecasts the cloud market will balloon to $390 billion, a 1200 percent growth from 2017.

However, market growth doesn’t alleviate complexity and data migration, and consolidation of long-standing systems is challenging for any business. Having a proven checklist minimizes the risk and surprises of a cloud migration project.

On April 20, Zia Consulting joined Rocket Software in a webinar that unveiled a foolproof checklist that saves companies time, money, and the headaches that come with major migration projects. The checklist focuses on three areas:

Information Technology

The IT department sits front and center in any migration effort. These projects can be overwhelming, but the checklist helps IT teams eliminate the feat by breaking projects into manageable pieces that address the challenges of a cloud migration: how to reduce risk and avoid surprises, set realistic expectations with the business, align staff and, ultimately, save money.


Business leaders want to avoid disruption and minimize confusion. While they understand migration is a necessity, it can’t slow down the day-to-day business. Their interest will be in the topline. Migrations can get absurdly expensive if costs aren’t closely managed. This checklist addresses how to manage those costs, but then also how to drive the most business value from the migration.


Minimizing risk to the organization is the role of the governance organization, so it will take an active role in any migration, particularly the centralizing of the organization’s critical data assets. This checklist covers how to reduce operational risk, classify data, protect against breaches and, most importantly, determine what does – and doesn’t – live in the cloud.

If you’re currently exploring a migration, we encourage you to access the on-demand of the recording of this event here.

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