• June 25, 2022

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator Expands Automation with Key Integrations

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator, Rocket’s leading DevOps value stream orchestration solution, is empowering users to increase automation through integrations with Kubernetes, Selenium, and Azure DevOps. These new integrations will enable IT leaders to maximize their value stream management efforts even more through automated test case management, Kubernetes Pod Management, and automated creation of ADO artifacts based on triggers in the DevOps pipeline. 

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator is also bringing a new mobile ready browser interface that will increase accessibility, leading to quicker response times when operators need to take action.  

These changes enable leaders to deliver IT solutions to end users with higher quality, velocity and efficiency in their development and operational value stream management efforts. 

To learn more about ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator and how it propels IT Leaders’ value stream management efforts forward, download Rocket’s Value Stream Orchestration guide.

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Anna Murray is a Product Management Director at Rocket Software.


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