• June 26, 2022

Rocket Announces a VS Code Extension for ASG-PRO/JCL

ASG-PRO/JCL is a DevOps-enabled JCL management solution that helps mainframe data centers achieve and operate a production Job Control Language (JCL) environment that is error-free, standardized, and optimized.  

The newest release of ASG-PRO/JCL now includes a VS Code Extension, making JCL management more accessible for new mainframe professionals. This means new hires used to working with VS Code can quickly adapt to their organization’s JCL management processes, empowering new employees to create value right away. 

This new ASG-PRO/JCL version will also include options for sending PROCs and PARMLIBs to remote LPARS as part of the remote scanning process and add the NODE and LPAR in the primary panel to increase visibility. 

These changes will enhance the completeness of the remote validation for sites needing this functionality and provide context for developers working in multiple environments who need to know which NODE and LPAR they are working with. 

Learn more about ASG-PRO/JCL, visit our product page. 

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Anna Murray is a Product Management Director at Rocket Software.


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