• August 17, 2022


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    Adam is currently the Chief Information Security Officer for Rocket Software in Waltham, MA. Previously, he was the Vice President of Cyber Risk for Brown Brothers Harriman where he focused on program, policy, controls, threat intelligence, and incident response. Prior to this role, he was the Vice President of Information Technology and Information Security Officer for Century Bank for 5 years. His responsibilities included operationally managing all IT systems and all matters pertaining to information security, risk, policy and procedure. Adam is currently an adjunct professor at Boston College in the cybersecurity policy & governance program, and an adjunct professor of IT in the MBA program at the School of Business at Providence College. Prior to these roles he worked as a Security Engineer at Brown University and a Security Analyst at Providence College. He received both his undergraduate degree in education and his MBA from Providence College. Outside of the office, he is a car and technology enthusiast along with an avid reader, hiker, cyclist, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.


Tips for Building a Robust Secure Coding Program

Software code — whether it’s on mobile devices, personal computers, servers or mainframes — runs the risk of getting hacked. In turn, this can give hackers control of a device or application and lead to loss of user access, service and organizational secrets, and damage to the system. Although only 7 percent of software defects […]


How Multi-factor Authentication Can Benefit Your Industry

Depending on what industry you’re in, your approach to security may be very different. For some sectors, like finance, security and data protection are top of mind for everything that is done. Financial services organizations typically experience the most data breaches and hacks, which makes security a priority. But what about healthcare? Patient data is […]

Modernization Security

What happens when remote work becomes permanent?

As someone responsible for IT security, March 15 brought about a huge change in my department. With the pandemic closing offices and forcing people to stay home, I suddenly had to think about what it means to implement IT security for thousands of remote workers, instead of a handful of office spaces. And as uncertainty […]