• November 16, 2018


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    Azeem Ahmed joined Rocket Software in 2003 as a Software Engineer after having graduated from UT Austin. Over the course of past fifteen years, he has held many engineering and management roles. In his current role as Chief Technologist for Cloud, Azeem helps lead Rocket R&D around Hybrid & Public Cloud, is responsible for Rocket’s Cloud strategy, and leads Emerging Tech Research Group focused on Big Data Analytics & Cloud. In addition to this role, Azeem was instrumental in conceiving the Rocket.Build program – an internal hackathon for Rocket Engineers. He continues to direct that program every year for our engineers.

Rocket Mainframe Data Service for Bluemix Application Modernization Data Mainframe

Rocket Mainframe Data Service: Bluemix Meets Mainframe Data

This is part 1 of a five-part series on accessing mainframe data from your Bluemix applications. Part 1: Bluemix Meets Mainframe Data (this entry) Part 2: Installing Rocket Mainframe Data Service on Your Mainframe Part 3: Mapping Your Mainframe Data for Access From Bluemix Part 4: Building an Application in Bluemix That Accesses Mainframe Data […]

Rocket Mainframe Data Service for Bluemix Data Mainframe

Introducing Rocket Mainframe Data Service for IBM Bluemix

Rocket is leading the way in enabling hybrid cloud for the most trusted enterprise platform: the z Systems mainframe. We recently launched a new Bluemix-enabled service that facilitates access to all mainframe data (VSAM, IMS DB, physical sequential, SMF records etc.) as if it was stored in MySQL or MongoDB. This will enable cloud and […]

Community Events Rocket.Build Technology

Rocket.Build: the soul of who we are

It was past 1:00am on Wednesday night (technically Thursday). The Rocket.Build Lab was full of people–at least 30 engineers were in the room with me. Some on their bean bags chairs, some sunk into couches. Others were sitting on tables and chairs. All were glued to their laptops. There was a lot of chatter; someone […]