• May 17, 2022



Think globally, win locally

From powering everyday tasks like drawing money from ATMs, to saving lives by ensuring that 911 calls are routed to the proper call center, Rocket builds software that addresses real world problems. We’re strong believers in creating solutions that matter, and most importantly, helping those in our community achieve greatness. For nearly 30 years, we […]


Rocket.Build Community: A new global tradition

First, there was Rocket Community Day. Now, there is Rocket Community month. On Saturday, April 13th, the very first Rocket.Build Community hackathon began at the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. Over 100 students from half-a-dozen local universities locked themselves in for 24 hours to work on projects meant to benefit the Boston-area. With […]

Application Modernization

Webinar: Taking the risk out of application modernization with integrated DevOps

On February 27th, Rocket VP of Solutions Sales, Dan Magid, alongside Senior Sales Engineer, Charles Jones, hosted a webinar about the risks of application modernization, and how to minimize them with integrated DevOps. Dan and Charles described how modernization with integrated DevOps has resulted in huge successes for our customers, and we wanted to review […]


Day 3: A brief inquiry into “trust, empathy, humanity, and love” at Rocket Software (from IBM Think)

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s the 3rd day of IBM Think, and things are winding down. The last big event, Think by the Bay, is tonight on Pier 39 where Rocket is sponsoring karaoke and cocktails at the Hard Rock Café. (Read about my second day and the 5 things that blew my mind on the […]


Day 2: 5 things that blew my mind from the floor of IBM Think

Welcome to day two! Read all about my first day here. Last night was wild; hundreds of people came through the booth when it opened at 5:00pm. Cue chaos. People were grabbing heart-shaped sunglasses by the handful, taking heart-shaped pens by the dozen; people were literally asking me for my shirt (which to be fair, […]


Day one! IBM Think 2019.

I’ve never been to an IBM event before. I’ve been with Rocket for just over two years now, and though I know IBM is our most important partner, I’ve never been immersed in that partnership like I am here at Think. This year, the four-day event happens to be taking place over the 14th of […]

Community Modernization Rocket.Build

“Best of Luck to Rocket.Builders” from a 2017 Rocket.Build Champion

  It’s that most wonderful time of year; ‘tis the season… of Rocket.Build. Rocket.Build is an annual competition between teams of Rocketeers from all over the world hosted in Boston, MA. It’s 5 days of intense collaboration that ends with dozens of QA-ready projects, and proud (if not exhausted) developers. For many Rocketeers, this will […]


Rocket Gives Back to the Community – Community Day 2017

I have been looking forward to Rocket Community Day all year long. Since joining Rocket 11 months ago, I’ve heard many things about this favorite annual volunteer event; stories of coworkers crawling into soup kitchen ovens, others who worked out retired greyhounds, or decorated children’s hospital floors, and some who cried through 5 hours of […]

Digital Transformation Modernization

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Many organizations are investing in digital transformation. They want the kind of business-changing advantages that industry leaders (such as Ford Motor Company) and sharing economy companies (such as Uber) have achieved by leveraging back-end data to create compelling consumer-facing digital experiences. But some are paying a high price for transformation efforts that may not be […]

Education Events

Live from SHARE 2017: Why I Chose to Launch my Career at Rocket Software

Rocket might not make any product you’ve ever heard of. They don’t have their name on any stadiums, or on the hoods of racecars and there definitely aren’t any “Rocket Music Festivals” (though that would be freaking awesome). Even so, millions of people all over the world are touched by Rocket technology every day—including me […]