• August 17, 2022


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Rocket developers don’t hack–they build

At the Rocket 2013 Leadership Summit, an annual event held every December in Boston, it was recommended that we co-host a Hackathon with technical leaders and worthy developers from around the world the same week that all the business and technical leaders get together to discuss innovation and strategy. This idea was warmly embraced by […]

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Is mobile computing scarier than Y2K?

Those of us older than 35 can vividly remember the Y2K scare perpetrated on the computing public by a variety of fear mongers two decades ago. Leading the doom and gloom scenario were the vendors most likely to profit from fixing the supposed problems. The widely held view was that most computer software and hardware […]

BI Tools and Data Responsibility

“Traditionally, industry-leading BI tool vendors relied heavily on other technologies to access, transform, cleanse, integrate, and manage the data their tools would bring to life in the form of reports, briefing books and dashboards. Skilled IT professionals created data warehouses, data marts, OLAP cubes, and other intermediary managed environments. These environments were modeled and developed […]

mainframe rich client cloud Mainframe

Is the Rich Client Architecture Dead?

Back when I started my high tech career, the mainframe computer was the ultimate thin client, server side architecture. Command line terminals with their vintage green screen interfaces populated the planet. Who doesn’t remember checking into a flight at the airport and having the airline agent key in commands at a ferocious clip? These systems […]

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There’s No Such Thing as Unstructured Data

Unstructured Data often refers to information that either does not have a pre-defined data model or that lacks the structure to make it easy for traditional software applications to access and understand.