• December 3, 2021



What’s “app” at Rocket? Tap and Deploy!

Rocket Software’s business service manager has some really cool mobile stuff to show you over at the Rocket booth at Pulse!

NetCure Pulse Heat Map Technology

The Heat is On with Rocket NetCure

How does Rocket Software know it’s snack time for thousands of people inside IBM’s Pulse 2014 EXPO Center?


Tivoli Workload Scheduler: Integration for Simple Reports

Customers want simplified access to TWSz and zCentric job logs, sysouts, and reports. Now with the integration of TOM 3.1 and Tivoli Workload Scheduler 9.2 they have them!


Meet Rachel!

Monday, at the IBM Pulse EXPO Center, the crowds were rocking! Thronging Rocket Software and the IBM booths to learn about the new IBM Cloud Platform that was announced at Pulse 2014. Grabbing a cup of coffee while catching up on the new products with friends.


At Pulse! Rocket Software Tools Enhance Tivoli z Storage

When you think Rocket Software, think optimized performance. Rocket takes a great product – as in Tivoli Advanced Storage Management Suite for z – and adds tools to make it even better!


In Case of Disaster: How Rocket Servergraph Protects the Data at Einstein Healthcare Network

Everyone knows backing up and protecting data is essential. And it is especially critical at hospitals and healthcare organizations that can’t afford to lose patient and billing records during a disaster like Hurricane Sandy.


At Pulse: How Rocket Helps TD Bank Protect Data

On Monday at Pulse: Learn how Rocket Servergraph helps TD Bank protect its customer data!