• May 17, 2022


IBM i (AS/400)

Modern DevOps and the IBM i

As I travel around the world visiting with IBM i customers and discussing the challenges around managing a modern development environment, I am increasingly hearing a common refrain: “My company wants us to manage all of our development with Git.” It is completely understandable. Companies would like to have a single repository for all their […]

Application Modernization

Ensuring successful application modernization

Over the past few years, I have spoken with hundreds of mainframe users about their modernization objectives and experiences. They all have significant investments in the existing applications that run the core functions of their business. Those applications have evolved over many years and comprise a vast amount of domain knowledge about their business. However, […]

IBM i (AS/400)

Building Bridges: from AS/400 to modern platforms

Dear CTOs, CIOs, users, and application leaders of all kinds, Which of your 10 “number one” priorities did you accomplish today? One? Maybe two? Is it none? To many development leaders, it can feel like job responsibilities are in constant conflict. We’ve been hearing it from our customers for years. In general, many leaders struggle […]

IBM i (AS/400)

IBM i: The Best-Kept Secret in IT?

I have flown more than 100,000 miles this year to visit our IBM i customers. One story I consistently hear is organizations advocating retiring their IBM i platform in favor of something that’s more “modern.” When pressed, these people cite that the technology is old, has a green screen interface, can’t keep up with the […]

IBM i (AS/400)

For AS/400 Modernization, Start With the User Experience

As VP of Rocket’s solution sales team, I talk to people using the IBM i nearly every day. We talk about modernization topics ranging from terminal emulation to multiplatform DevOps to building IBM i APIs. All too often, I find that the conversation turns to this question at some point: My executives want to know […]

IBM i (AS/400)

Why Skills Training Matters for Young Programmers

There is no doubt that millennials have brought great energy and technological advances to the world of business over the last several years. Their contributions have helped lead the rapid transformation of many companies. However, there are times that millennials bypass tried-and-true techniques in favor of their own creative solutions and miss out on foundational […]

IBM i (AS/400)

The Real Cost of IBM i System and Application Replacement

Businesses are constantly comparing themselves to one another. That’s a good thing, in most regards: Competitive analysis is after all the key to finding your company’s ideal position in the market. But it’s important to get a balanced perspective, otherwise you might get a false perception. Case in point: The idea that no one uses […]

Mobile Modernization Terminal Emulation

Rocket BlueZone Web: Your Questions Answered

  “The Future of Terminal Emulation is Here” webinar was conducted on May 16, 2018 to get you better acquainted with BlueZone Web. The following questions have been selected from discussions during, and immediately following the webinar that we’d like to address further with you. Is there a server, and where does it run? BlueZone […]

security Compliance Security Terminal Emulation

The power of terminal emulation in 2018: simplifying security, facilitating compliance

While organizations have been using terminal emulation on mainframes for 30+ years, the tech landscape has certainly changed around them. The good news is that terminal emulators have evolved dramatically as well. Suffice it to say that for many large organizations, mainframes continue to be a very secure and viable option for running mission-critical programs […]

Application Modernization Customers IBM i (AS/400)

Moving from Client to Client-less

Over the past several months, I have been speaking with and visiting a wide variety of our customers. Many have been customers since the Seagull GUI/400 product days. Some are still using GUI/400, JWalk/Winja and LegaSuite GUI as a strategic part of their applications. These products are highly reliable and provide great functionality and developer […]