• June 27, 2022


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    Douglas has been a developer for over 15 years. Early in his career he was instrumental in the production of many UK tourism portals for Wales, Lincolnshire, Birmingham and Yorkshire. From 2009 until 2014 Douglas was project leader and architect for the One.com Web Editor project. Now Douglas is proud to be a member of the Rocket Discover team; making a tool that can truly improve the world we live in by empowering decision makers.

Development User Experience

The complexity of simplicity

Problems are hard to solve, and very hard problems are very hard to solve. But what if someone comes to you demanding that something complicated needs to be made simple? You might think it’s impossible, until you realize that you and the other person may not completely understand the problem. How for example do you […]

Business Intelligence & Analytics Data Technology

Beware of the expert

“When you’ve reached mastery in one art, you display it in every action. You control time.” – Yamamoto, “Pronate,” Racing Club EP (2000) I’ve been learning about Business Intelligence recently. I’m not an expert, but at some point in the future, I will list it on my LinkedIn profile, and people will begin to endorse […]