• September 22, 2018


  • Dan Riehl

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    Dan Riehl is the Editor of the SecureMyi Security Newsletter and a Security Specialist for the IT Security and Compliance Group. Dan performs IBM i security assessments and provides security consulting, remediation, forensic evaluations, and other customized security services for his clients. He also provides training in all aspects of IBM i security and other technical areas through The 400 School, Inc.

IBM i (AS/400)

When Was Your Last SAVSECDTA, SAVSYS, SAVCFG? And Where Are They?

Editor’s note: This blog was previously published on SecureMyi.com and in the SecureMyi Security newsletter. Backup and Recovery is an area that is critical to the security and integrity of our systems. If someone accidentally wipes out a file, or in the event of a large-scale disaster, it’s critical we have all of the pieces […]