• June 25, 2022


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    When he isn’t cycling around Boston or playing boardgames, Eamon Dawes is a DevOps Engineer. He’s been with Rocket since his internship back in 2015 and has previously worked on the OMEGAMON and Zowe teams.

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Rocket.Build 2019: Using open source to improve the mainframe experience

Some ideas come from clever visionaries—this wasn’t one of those ideas. This idea was born from optimism, assuming “it’ll just work,” and subsequently having everything blow up in my face. When I worked on Zowe, we used Ant scripts to automate the build process of the desktop and its applications. Ant could handle everything from […]

Education Events

Mentoring at the first Rocket.Build Community hackathon

Getting a bunch of college students to attend your event is easy—free food. Getting them to spend a warm April weekend solving problems that affect their community—not so much. However, as I arrived at the Wentworth Institute of Technology I saw 70+ motivated students from around the state who spent their Saturday night at our […]