• July 3, 2022


  • James O'Sullivan0 Posts

    James is the VP Sales, APAC region at Rocket Software. His career has been anchored by a comprehensive range of technical roles for large organizations in the UK and Australia, before moving into wider business leadership roles. With his grounding in delivering programs of work, he is able to empathize with the challenges of large organizations who need to transform their businesses. After joining Rocket in 2010, he held a number of senior leadership roles in EMEA and Asia Pacific. During the past ten years, he has been managing significant long term customer relationships, with a view to helping them and their partners deliver strategic outcomes. His role is both as an advocate for his customer’s best interests within Rocket, as well as representing Rocket’s core values within the ecosystems in which he finds himself.


Keep calm – you have good bones

For some time now, we have increasingly heard about the need for disruption and disruptive technologies to drive a wave of innovation across industries and governments. That is often interpreted as management-speak for “replace all of that old ‘legacy’ stuff with some cool new stuff.” But the reality is that the old ‘legacy’ stuff continues […]