• May 17, 2022


  • John Crossno1 Posts

    Visionary Leader with senior level management experience combined with strong entrepreneurial skills in product management. Demonstrated ability to develop and market innovative products and services. 37 years experience successfully guiding, enabling and promoting software products and services and go-to-market teams. Outstanding communicator with in-depth knowledge and success in interacting with executives, business development, marketing, support, sales, and customers. Exceptional track record of cultivating and managing mutually beneficial relationships with technology partners, clients, and vendors.

Data Modernization

The Explosive Growth of Data: Action Items IT Leaders Are Taking to Modernize

Businesses are seeing a sharp increase in data production year over year, while the number of places data is stored grows exponentially. This explosion of data and the ways we protect data comes in combination with constant changes in the market—economic, technological, and shifts in buyer behavior to name a few. Such an unpredictable landscape […]