• July 5, 2022


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    A life-long advocate of the mainframe, John Hancy is a recognized expert in CICS and IMS performance analysis. As the architect and developer of multiple industry-leading performance analysis tools, John provides ongoing technical support for many long-established customers to help them convert their site-specific requirements into reporting solutions. John is an expert in application performance tuning and mainframe resource optimization, aided in particular by using the IBM CICS and IMS Performance Analyzer expert tools. A patent holder in CICS trace collection technologies, John put his knowledge to use in the innovative Rocket C\Prof, a CICS tools that records transaction and application call activity in CICS with very low overhead and no impact on the CICS region itself. Always looking toward the next innovation, John has a strong interest and expertise in IT operational analytics and helping customers use tools to implement dashboards on their analytics platform of choice. John is a Distinguished Engineer at Rocket Software.


Using the CICS internal trace to profile and resolve application problems

IBM® CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® continues to be mission critical for the global economy, processing billions of transactions per day to drive our world’s commerce and financial maze. Organizations are continually extending and evolving their CICS applications to meet the demands of a modern and competitive business. New development in Java, either distributed or […]