• August 15, 2020


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    Initially a DB2 DBA, I have 18 years experience in the mainframe industry working with DB2 for large mainframe vendors. I have also played the role of a product manager and a product specialist assisting sales with potential and existing customers on DB2 Tools. I hold a BA in Political Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Live from SHARE 2017: The Future Mainframe

One of the definitions of “providence” is “timely preparation for future eventualities.” Perhaps, then, it was fitting that I got to spend the last five days at the SHARE conference in the city of Providence, where one of the main areas of focus was security on mainframe computers. That’s hardly surprising in the wake of […]

IBM z14 mainframe Mainframe Security

The new IBM z14 mainframe: real security for the real world

Achieving perfect digital security is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is to keep your machine completely isolated from the Internet, or even from other computers. While you’re at it, you should also get rid of any removable storage devices. After all, you can’t break into a house with no doors and windows. […]

DB2 change accumulation tool tips

Data availability is the key to ensure your customers can do business around the clock. Many times, taking data offline for DB2 utility maintenance is difficult to do. But with the DB2 Change Accumulation Tool, you can easily take SHRLEVEL REFERENCE image copies that can be used to restore data, all without touching the production […]

DB2 Utility Monitor Tools

Have you ever wanted to enforce which DB2 utility parameters people can execute? Do you wish you could change the severity of a DB2 message? The DB2 Utilities Enhancement Tool enables you to do just that. The Utility Monitor feature allows DBAs to customize how DB2 utilities are executed from end to end. Track who […]