• June 27, 2022


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Live from SHARE 2018 Sacramento: IMS Administration Tool, the Cockpit for the Modern IMS DBA

This week I had the pleasure of attending the SHARE Sacramento conference, speaking with customers and business partners, and presenting on a topic I am very passionate about, IMS and the new IBM IMS Administration Tool V1.1. In my mind this product is so significant because it represents IBM and Rocket’s continued commitment to innovation […]

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Live from SHARE 2017: Modern IMS Management

I’ve spent my entire career working in high-tech, and there’s one word I hear just about every day: modern. Whether it’s videogames, entertainment devices, mobile phones or complex computing systems, everyone wants to be on the cutting edge…and no one wants to be seen as being behind the times. Which brings me to what I […]

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Anthem, IBM, and IMS Tools: What I Did at IBM InterConnect 2017

This week I attended IBM InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas for the first time. Like all of my fellow Rocketeers who were there I had a great opportunity to spend several days with Rocket’s customers, partners, and peers to discuss the ways our industry is changing, growing, and helping businesses thrive in uncertain times. The […]