• July 1, 2022


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    Kimberly Andersson is Director of User Experience at Rocket Software. She leads a global team of product designers and information developers focused on making IBM Z technology simple and straightforward to use. She believes in uncomplicating the complex, building change through collaboration, and creating corporate cultures that are customer-centric. Kimberly credits her skillset to formal design education, self-directed computer science coursework, and a lot of figuring it out in practice.

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The User Experience Transformation: Finding the “Why” Behind Features

So, you want to build a new feature. Excellent. Now, tell me why. Rocket, like thousands of software companies, has historically had a wonderfully engineering-driven culture. We make products for engineers, by engineers, and we’ve got a pretty great track record of figuring out how to build features well for our customers. There’s an important […]

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Rocket.Build 2019: Disruptive user experiences

When we disrupt, we choose to uproot how we think, behave, and do business. “Disruption,” as it applies to technology, can also signify rapid evolution—changing our business by deconstructing current processes and creating new, more efficient, and more valuable technologies all at once.  At Rocket, we’re so focused on creating efficient, valuable modern technologies that we’ve made […]