• May 17, 2022


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Put your mainframe data…into the cloud?

I end up hearing many storage administrators vent about old data. In some cases, it’s old HSM data. In other cases, it’s data that should be deleted but out of an abundance of caution no one actually deletes it. The only option has been to buy more FICON-connected disk or tape, which fills up HSM […]

Community Mainframe Rocket.Build

Mainframe: charting the future

As a senior director for R&D at Rocket Software, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of the mainframe. What should we build on it? Who will build it? Who will use it? Will anyone even know it’s on a mainframe when they actually use it? A part of my role is […]

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Welcome to the World of Ported Tools for IBM z/OS

Did you know that someone hid a powerful Unix machine inside all of your z/OS installs? Are you leveraging everything USS can do for you? What is OSS and what does it mean to a mainframer? And could your next major application be written by a summer intern? I’ll be talking about all of these […]