• May 17, 2022


IBM i (AS/400) Intelligent Information Logistics Modernization Process Automation

Remote Work Has Exposed Inefficiencies: What Do You Do About Them?

At this point, likely every organization has realized that remote work requires new processes and strategies to accomplish the tasks teams were once doing in person. With these new processes in place, many are also starting to see the places where human interactions were papering over inefficiencies. For instance, approvals that could once be requested […]


Busy? Hire a Robot(ic Process Automation Tool)

You may not have heard, but Rocket recently acquired ConnectIQ. As our CEO Andy Youniss noted in his letter earlier this month, ConnectIQ is “a robotic process automation (RPA) tool for mainframe environments, and helps companies create new efficiencies by automating the most often repeated, most labor-intensive functions.”  This acquisition is actually an extremely timely […]


Why “Legacy” Shouldn’t Be a Bad Word

I used to avoid the word “legacy” to describe the stalwart IBM Z, IBM i and other platforms that have long been in their golden years.  I called them “exotic” systems, as though that made them more dramatic, like a special type of coffee bean. “Legacy” felt negative.  I searched for a different word. Something […]

IBM i (AS/400)

Home is What the Terminal Emulates

We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home lately. Many of us, as we live and work in our houses day-in, day-out, week after week, have found reasons to rearrange furniture, relocate hand towels and otherwise tune the environment to make it feel easier and more livable. To make it feel more like […]

IBM i (AS/400) Modernization

The Silent Stars of Pandemic IT

Maintaining a functioning IT environment during a pandemic is no small task. Doing it remotely—while working from home with myriad distractions, dogs, kids and some challenging toilet paper procurement issues—is heroic. It’s something that has become increasingly common during the pandemic.  To get through the pandemic, most companies, schools, hospitals and, indeed, families, are even […]

IBM i (AS/400)

Common Disasters: Preparing for Outages

As we struggle with unprecedented challenges around the globe, IT departments are gearing up to enable remote access, work-from-home, and ongoing business operations in ways that they never anticipated before. It’s heroic work done with limited warning—and it’s keeping companies around the world operational. The Critical Role of Core Systems It’s in precisely these times […]

IBM i (AS/400) Modernization

AS/400: Ready for New Challenges

There’s an old adage about how a fish can’t see the water — just as we can’t see the air. It’s there, it keeps us alive, and we don’t give it much thought until it’s missing. The same is true for legacy systems like AS/400. It’s there, it’s keeping the business alive, and it’s definitely […]