• June 26, 2019


Business Intelligence & Analytics Technology

A BI/BA Competency Center has tremendous impact within an enterprise

It is impossible to overly stress the importance and effectiveness of implementing a competency center for Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA). These centers, frequently referred to as BICC or BACC, facilitate information sharing and the efficient management of BI tools within an organization. Regardless of the tool(s) in place within an organization, there […]

Rocket Ascent Platform Technology

Ascent Server now available on non z/OS systems

Despite the tremendous usage of AS on System z and the value it adds to an enterprise, there have been a number of requests to deliver AS on non-System z platforms. This offering is available from Rocket and is currently named the Ascent Server and Ascent Client.

Rocket AS results in Excel Technology

Harness the power of Rocket AS with Excel

Rocket AS provides a myriad of processing capabilities for data access, analysis, and presentation styles, as all users know. However, the widespread use of Excel as a business intelligence and/or analytics tool throughout any enterprise is simply a fact of life.