• November 26, 2020


Knight Programming Technology

Understanding Russian dominance in competitive chess

I am going to a turn away from computers and chess and just talk about chess itself and its history in this blog entry. If you are a chess aficionado, it cannot have escaped your notice that the Russians (for the sake of this article I will use this term to include all members of […]

Knight Development Programming Technology

When computer chess programs sulked…

In the early development of computer chess programs, some programs manifested a very interesting characteristic. The programs appeared to be pouting/sulking. The observed behavior occurred when the computer found it was in a losing position and it started to make “stupid” moves giving away pieces and making nonsense checks with loss of material. This puzzled many of […]

Business Intelligence & Analytics Technology

Chess and predictive analytics: what would happen if…?

Continuing the theme I started last month on chess and computer programming, I would like to take a look at modern  predictive analytics and how is has its roots in the analytic routines that were created to devise chess stratagems. The classic predictive analytics question, “what if?” was originally posed by chess players.  What if […]

Programming Technology

What ever happened to computer chess?

Both chess and computer programming are two subjects that have been important to me for many years. Why is it that the subject of computer chess is not very popular these days? Have we gotten blasé about the subject since the defeat of the then World Champion Gary Kasparov by Deep Blue in May 1997? […]