• October 20, 2018


Mainframe Terminal Emulation

Terminal emulator licensing doesn’t have to hurt

Licensing used to be a pretty simple thing: companies would pay for a certain number of seats and then install the software. This worked pretty well for many decades. And then the cloud happened – and all the rules changed. After all, without software hosted on-site there’s no simple buy it/install it model anymore. So […]

July 4 Modernization Campaign Application Modernization

Celebrate Your Independence From from Green-Screen Interfaces and Complex Workflows

Did you know that you can quickly and easily modernize your business without ever touching the back-end code? This Independence Day, learn how to overcome complicated workflows and combat high training costs by making your heritage systems easier to use for all. For a limited time only, we’re offering a free Modernization Score reading to […]

Archive & Backup

IBM Spectrum Protect with Rocket Servergraph: Solving Your 5 Biggest Backup Problems

The workload of backup professionals has only increased as backup environments have grown and diversified—something you’ve probably experienced firsthand. Between regular investments in backup technologies, acquisition of other businesses (bringing aboard their own backup systems,) and the lists of SLAs backup admins are expected to meet, it’s no wonder reporting on all of them is so time consuming. […]

Rocket BlueZone Web Mainframe Terminal Emulation

Now Available: Zero-Footprint Terminal Emulation with Rocket BlueZone Web

You should be able to say with confidence that your workforce is operating as responsively, and as productively as possible. That means finding a solution that can address the growing disparity of operating systems and platforms in a remote and secure way. This week, we announced the release of Rocket BlueZone Web. New to the […]

Apache Spark Business Intelligence & Analytics Data Mainframe

Apache Spark on IBM z/OS: Something New in Mainframe Analytics

For the last few years we’ve been talking with organizations that want to move their analytics closer to their data so that they can make faster, more accurate, decisions that help them become more efficient and profitable. Eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of copying data for analysis helps ensure that insights can be acted […]

Rocket Launchpad Data Events Mainframe

This is Your Mainframe. This is Your Mainframe on Spark and Data Virtualization.

Organizations that rely on IBM mainframes know that there is no better system for transforming massive amounts of data into business success. And thanks to Apache Spark and Data Virtualization, it’s now possible for mainframe users to do real-time analysis of structured and unstructured data in place using optimized enterprise data access and abstraction. To […]

Servergraph Backup Hogs Archive & Backup

Stop your backup environment from turning into a barnyard

We hear it from IT and Infrastructure Directors around the world—backup environments are getting harder to manage. And while most of you aren’t managing the backup processes directly, you’re being forced to do more with less. That often means that departing staff aren’t replaced quickly (or at all). It means your IT budget is shrinking […]

Tired Backup Admin Archive & Backup

Four tips for dealing with challenging backup environments

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Backup Administrators (along with Network and Systems Admins) are the unsung heroes of the IT world. Whether it’s finding new ways to get more out of existing hardware, making sure critical business data stays secure and up-to-date, or keeping the auditors happy, they help keep everything humming […]

Enterprise Search

The changing enterprise search and publishing landscape, part 4: is offline data access worth the investment?

In part three of this series, we discussed the challenges companies can face when selecting a new enterprise search solution. After confirming that there are difficulties surrounding enterprise search and publishing solutions, it may be tempting to consider abandoning the search altogether. But fear not–there are also reasons to be optimistic. Looking back at the […]

Enterprise Search

The changing enterprise search and publishing landscape, part 3: What’s the impact on your organization?

In part two of this series, we discussed the most important factors to consider when looking for an enterprise search solution to fit your needs. Beyond just looking at features, organizations also need to consider the challenges and consequences of implementing (and living with) the wrong solution. Many of these challenges have to do not […]