• August 17, 2022


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Live from IBM Insight2015: Whither Watson?

IBM’s Watson has been on my radar for quite a while now.  For long I have been quite confused as to what Watson actually is. It appeared to be a strange multi-shaped thing with a varying definition, depending of how you looked at it. The example application and services were sometimes quite exotic; I still have a […]

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Live from IBM Insight2015: when was the last time you read a privacy policy?

This was a question posed today at an Insight session on data-centric security and privacy. The issue is vexing, and it is rapidly becoming more so. Consider this: most countries have privacy legislation. Some, like the US, are industry focused. Others, like EU nations, are more oriented on individual rights. But while they all set […]

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Getting Ready for IBM Insight2015

Insight2015 is upon us, and like IBM Interconnect earlier this year, I will be blogging and tweeting about it. While it is not the same super-sized event that Interconnect was, Insight is still a sizable conference, running from Sunday to Thursday. The sessions list is almost overwhelming, but that’s what makes it so attractive. Just […]

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What document am I?

Determining the nature of a document Last November I headed up a team[1]* competing in Rocket Software’s inaugural Rocket.Build hackathon. We placed third with a solution that allows our document archiving product Arkivio to determine archiving strategies based on the nature of the document. Arkivio allows administrators to set rules that determine when and how […]

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Who are you writing for?

In high school my writing was always terse and to the point — as I saw it. I never received any grades better than C for it. I left high school with the conviction that I had better work where writing was not a requirement. As a programmer I struggled with documentation over the years. It was […]

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Does “legacy” always equal replace?

ComputerWeekly.com recently ran an article on RBS Bank’s recent IT failure, which led it to discuss the problems IT professionals face replacing legacy systems. As part of that story they showed this diagram: It shows a typical core banking application system and its interconnections–nothing new if you have worked in financial systems. But what this […]

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Where do programming languages come from, and how do they die?

I was recently investigating how best to port an application to the Eclipse development platform. Doing so, I needed to extend Eclipse with the ability parse the application’s programming language. Eclipse has a very nice tool to use called XText. However it required me to learn yet another language called XTend. To be fair, XTend […]

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The small cloud: How cloud impacts SMEs

As I’ve been looking at the cloud economy, an issue has been in the back of my mind–how is the cloud affecting small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs)? While most discussions on cloud-based business focus on the big guys (think Salesforce) there is actually an interesting story to tell looking at smaller businesses. After all, SMEs account for […]

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Live from IBM InterConnect: dev@labs day 2

You know you are at  developer conference for IBM when one of the topics is “Running Minecraft on System Z.” The obvious question would be why would you do this and the answer was “because you can.” I spent Tuesday at dev@interconnect, a set of sessions that focus on independent developers, encouraging them to use […]

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Live from IBM InterConnect: Bluemix, DevOps and PaaS

In a recent post I wrote about how software as a service (SaaS) has taken off and is now the biggest of the three traditional pillars of cloud computing. Of the other two, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is already a well-defined commodity and is becoming less ‘obvious’ in the way that other infrastructure components […]