• August 17, 2022


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    Database Architect and Strategist Tim Willging joined the Rocket Software team in 2005 and was named a distinguished engineer in 2015. With over 25 years developing enterprise software tools, Tim has architected and authored several database products focusing on backup and recovery, cloning, administration, monitoring and change management. He has recently been focusing on solutions for advanced analytics on z/OS. He is currently based in Chicago, and is an alumnus of Northern Illinois University with an emphasis in theoretical computing.

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The recent launch of IBM’s z14 demonstrates to me just how important mainframes really are in the world of corporate computing. After all, when CNBC, the Wall Street Journal and even Wired label a new computer a game-changer, you know this latest mainframe must be a game changer. While most of the attention has been […]

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Live from SHARE: Accelerate your IMS data

It’s no secret that speed is the name of the game when it comes to computing. Every millisecond counts. The good news is that ultra-fast mainframe computers, including those powered by IBM’s new z13 processor, are up for the job. It’s important for software to be able to keep up to make sure that users […]