• June 26, 2022


Technology User Experience

Product selection in the digital era

Recently our washing machine broke. This was quite inconvenient, especially as I had a full laundry basket which still needed to be washed. And it was (of course) in the middle of the week, late in the evening. So when were we going to get around to organizing a replacement? But this is the age […]

Development Mobile Technology

Pitfalls in mobile app development

Modern society is spoiled. Any time you sit in a café, myriad mobile devices are visible around you, and these represent only a small percentage of the numerous models of smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. which are currently available on the market. Nowadays, everyone expects to be able to access the data they require at any […]

Events Rocket.Build Technology

How do you judge a hackathon?

There have been a number of blog entries already describing the daytime hours of the 2014 Rocket Leadership Summit held in Boston last week. This entry attempts to focus on the evening, night and early morning hours, when engineers were riveted to their laptops in a bid to create something legendary in the hallowed ground […]