• May 17, 2022



IBM InterConnect dev@: A place to explore, learn, and enjoy

There was never a dull moment at IBM InterConnect this week. With countless sessions to attend and customers to meet with, I had been quite busy myself. But one particular event of interest at the show was the dev@InterConnect area. As a developer, I made sure to visit the labs, and I was not disappointed […]


Live from IBM InterConnect: a new way forward

The third and final general session of IBM InterConnect 2015 ended an hour ago, giving attendees a lot to think about. While the first two general sessions focused on new ways to think and work, this one was looking out to the next 20 years. IBM’s Marie Wieck summed up the three main themes of […]


Live from IBM InterConnect: a new way to work

The second general session of IBM InterConnect took place at the end of the day on Tuesday, and opened with the announcement of several new product offerings. The first was Trusteer Apex, an advanced malware protection tool that offers protection against new, previously unknown threats. Denny McLean of @mercyhealth: Within first week of use, IBM's […]


IBM InterConnect keynote: Digital journey of a startup

Startups in the IT industry are innovating at rates that are challenging to match. These may be in existing market segments or they may be creating new segments of their own by exploiting holes in the marketplace. Learning how to act as agile as a startup does (when appropriate) and finding new, innovative ways to […]

IBM Bluemix Cloud

Live from IBM InterConnect: Bluemix, DevOps and PaaS

In a recent post I wrote about how software as a service (SaaS) has taken off and is now the biggest of the three traditional pillars of cloud computing. Of the other two, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is already a well-defined commodity and is becoming less ‘obvious’ in the way that other infrastructure components […]


IBM InterConnect keynote: Asset management and the Internet of Things

It is a relatively new term, but by now most of us have heard of The Internet of Things. But just what is the Internet of Things, and should it mean for you or your business? Although one might think the Internet of Things to be the most hyped technology on the planet at this […]

General Session Day 1 Cloud

Live from IBM InterConnect: A new way to think

IBM InterConnect 2015 officially got underway this morning with the opening general session at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Hosted by IBM Senior Vice President Robert LeBlanc, the 90-minute session featured interviews with executives from some of the world’s best-known organizations–including Citigroup, the Mayo Clinic, Airbus, and MD Anderson–who are relying on IBM to […]


SaaS and the modern CIO

Last year, CISCO released a white paper titled CISCO Global Cloud Index. This paper, in essence, states that workload for software as a service (SaaS) is starting to outstrip workload for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and that it is predicted to increase even further. This is a reflection that IaaS is going the way of network […]

IBM Z13 Cloud

Why I’m excited about the new IBM z13 mainframe

For decades I (and many other Rocketeers) have been extolling the virtues of mainframe computers, so it’s no secret that I think it is the single best technology for managing massive amounts of data for use in the cloud, mobile–and just about every other platform. That’s why I’m so excited about z13, IBM’s new powerhouse […]

IBM Interconnect 2015 Cloud

Join Rocket at IBM InterConnect February 22-26

The team at IBM is hosting a new event this year, with a new name. Big Blue has consolidated three existing events–Impact, Innovate and Pulse–into one mega-conference called IBM InterConnect. This new event focuses on four themes impacting almost every business today: Cloud, Mobile, DevOps and Security. You can learn more about the event directly […]