• November 16, 2018


Rocket Build Montage Development

Rocket at 25: Collaboration, customers, community and why meeting in person matters

Every day Rocketeers across the globe connect in ways that would have astonished the business world two decades ago. Online meetings have made communication more efficient and reliable. Yet in spite of great technologies that facilitate Web-based meetings, Rocket still puts on several large-scale events every year that connect hundreds of employees from around the […]

Rocket Mainframe Data Service for Bluemix Development

Rocket Mainframe Data Service in IBM Bluemix

Today was an exciting day. I started my morning in Boston. Thanks to JetBlue and favorable headwinds, I arrived in Las Vegas in time to take the stage at IBM Edge 2015 alongside IBM z Systems General Manager Ross Mauri to announce our new data access service in the IBM Bluemix platform. We’re calling it […]

Big Data Development

Where do programming languages come from, and how do they die?

I was recently investigating how best to port an application to the Eclipse development platform. Doing so, I needed to extend Eclipse with the ability parse the application’s programming language. Eclipse has a very nice tool to use called XText. However it required me to learn yet another language called XTend. To be fair, XTend […]

Knight Development

When computer chess programs sulked…

In the early development of computer chess programs, some programs manifested a very interesting characteristic. The programs appeared to be pouting/sulking. The observed behavior occurred when the computer found it was in a losing position and it started to make “stupid” moves giving away pieces and making nonsense checks with loss of material. This puzzled many of […]


The complexity of simplicity

Problems are hard to solve, and very hard problems are very hard to solve. But what if someone comes to you demanding that something complicated needs to be made simple? You might think it’s impossible, until you realize that you and the other person may not completely understand the problem. How for example do you […]


Pitfalls in mobile app development

Modern society is spoiled. Any time you sit in a café, myriad mobile devices are visible around you, and these represent only a small percentage of the numerous models of smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. which are currently available on the market. Nowadays, everyone expects to be able to access the data they require at any […]