• July 21, 2018


IBM Interconnect 2015 Cloud Community Events Mobile Security

Join Rocket at IBM InterConnect February 22-26

The team at IBM is hosting a new event this year, with a new name. Big Blue has consolidated three existing events–Impact, Innovate and Pulse–into one mega-conference called IBM InterConnect. This new event focuses on four themes impacting almost every business today: Cloud, Mobile, DevOps and Security. You can learn more about the event directly […]

SHARE Cloud Community Events Mainframe

Connect with the Rocket Software team at SHARE’s spring event in Seattle

Now celebrating their 60th year, technology association SHARE will be hosting their annual spring event March 1-6 in beautiful Seattle, Washington and the Rocket team will be there too. Here’s a preview of where we’ll be, and what we’ll be talking about. Everything You Wanted to Know About DB2 Logs, But Were Afraid to Ask […]

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Rocket.Build: the soul of who we are

It was past 1:00am on Wednesday night (technically Thursday). The Rocket.Build Lab was full of people–at least 30 engineers were in the room with me. Some on their bean bags chairs, some sunk into couches. Others were sitting on tables and chairs. All were glued to their laptops. There was a lot of chatter; someone […]

Events Rocket.Build Technology

How do you judge a hackathon?

There have been a number of blog entries already describing the daytime hours of the 2014 Rocket Leadership Summit held in Boston last week. This entry attempts to focus on the evening, night and early morning hours, when engineers were riveted to their laptops in a bid to create something legendary in the hallowed ground […]

Community Events

Vermeer goes in here–can technology help end art theft?

Last week while participating in our Rocket Leadership Summit, I was able to sneak out and visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the world’s largest private collection of art. The museum is located in a building Isabella designed to resemble a Venetian palace, complete with a lovely courtyard garden.  She was a visionary and determined […]

Community Events

Women at Rocket get organized during the 2014 Leadership Summit

As you’ve read last week, the 2014 Rocket Leadership Summit brought together 270 Rocketeers from all over the world to celebrate 25 years of success, and discuss how we’ll achieve even greater success in our next 25 years. We focused on three themes during the week: Customer, Community, and Category. The kickoff for the Summit began […]

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Wrapping up the 2014 Rocket Software Leadership Summit

First, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for–the final canvases created by the amazing students at Artists for Humanity, with help from the Rocket team. These guys did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of our week together, and we’ll be proud to have these on display at our corporate headquarters in Waltham, MA. […]

Community Events

Rocketeers engage the Boston community during the 2014 Leadership Summit

Yesterday was the third day of the 2014 Rocket Leadership Summit, and CEO Andy Youniss challenged the team to do something a bit unusual. Rather than spend a day in meeting rooms listening to presentations, all 270 attendees were told to get out of the building and go do something focused on the topics of […]

Community Events

Meeting the next generation of Rocketeers at Wentworth

Today, eight Rocketeers headed to Wentworth Institute of Technology,located in Boston. We’ve been working with them for several months now, after forming a partnership earlier this year. The students signed up to meet with us to learn about us, internship opportunities, resume reviews, and mock interviews. We even had them work on a small programming […]

Community Events

Artists for Humanity @ Rocket: Day 2

Yesterday I wrote about the Artists for Humanity team joining us at the Rocket Leadership Summit, and posted some pictures of the canvases before the team was turned loose. Here’s a look at a few of them them 24 hours later. More to come tomorrow.