• October 20, 2018



Getting some iCluster education

Have you been trained on iCluster? If you have recently been assigned as the primary administrator for iCluster and you or are new to your shop and never trained when the product was installed, you may be wondering how to get up to speed. Reading the Tech Tuesday blogs posts is a good start, but […]

Changing the iCluster group staging store library

The staging store is a non-volatile storage mechanism for the changes sent from the primary node that are to be applied to the backup node. The staging store is used to hold these changes before they are applied to the backup node. This allows the backup apply processes to be shut down temporarily without shutting […]


High Availability: do you have peace of mind?

I understand the pressure to never be down. Never lose data. Never miss an order. Never miss your company’s revenue goals. It’s brutal and I will never ever forget it. When I was running a data center, I remember sitting at a football game with my son on a weekend and getting THE CALL. I […]