• July 24, 2021



Python on z – for free!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially free and useful stuff that can save you time on the job. Well, Rocket Software has been working on some open source languages and tools for z/OS, offering a complimentary collection of high quality applications that has been optimized to operate on IBM z/OS. We consistently receive a lot […]

Rocket at SHARE Mainframe

Rocket + SHARE: A perfect pair

As Rocket Software celebrates our 25th anniversary, we look back on our long collaboration with the mainframe user community, SHARE – the first user group for IT organizations. Here at Rocket, we fully support the mission of SHARE to provide a venue for the on-going discussion of issues around enterprise IT. Whether the issue is […]


Leaving Las Vegas

As I get ready to fly home to Boston, I just wanted to share my thoughts about the great week that Rocket Software just had at IBM InterConnect 2015. This is one of the most important software industry conferences of the year, and I leave this week inspired by the breadth and depth of content […]


IBM InterConnect dev@: A place to explore, learn, and enjoy

There was never a dull moment at IBM InterConnect this week. With countless sessions to attend and customers to meet with, I had been quite busy myself. But one particular event of interest at the show was the dev@InterConnect area. As a developer, I made sure to visit the labs, and I was not disappointed […]

IBM Z13 Mainframe

IBM InterConnect keynote: z Systems dispatch

25 years ago Rocket Software was born with its first product, which was built for the IBM mainframe. Today we have over 100 products for the IBM mainframe, and we plan to deliver three new ones this year. Needless to say, at Rocket we love the mainframe! Today at the IBM InterConnect conference I attended […]

IBM Z13 Mainframe

Why I’m excited about the new IBM z13 mainframe

For decades I (and many other Rocketeers) have been extolling the virtues of mainframe computers, so it’s no secret that I think it is the single best technology for managing massive amounts of data for use in the cloud, mobile–and just about every other platform. That’s why I’m so excited about z13, IBM’s new powerhouse […]


Mixology: 2 ounces of IBM Bluemix, 1 ounce of VSAM, and ½ ounce of MongoDB Driver

In mixing glass or cocktail shaker filled with Bluemix, combine VSAM and node.js. Shake well (about 20 seconds) then strain into a jade glass. Garnish with MongoDB Driver and serve. OK.  I promise you won’t be forced to drink what you mixed; we need a break after the festivities of the year end. But I […]

IBM Z13 Mainframe

Rocket welcomes the new IBM z13 mainframe

Today is a very big day in the mainframe computing community. That’s because IBM is launching its anticipated next generation of mainframe technology: the IBM z13. On its surface, this is great for enterprises around the world because the new system packs increased capacity than its predecessor, the zEC12 (which was introduced in 2012). This […]

SHARE Mainframe

Connect with the Rocket Software team at SHARE’s spring event in Seattle

Now celebrating their 60th year, technology association SHARE will be hosting their annual spring event March 1-6 in beautiful Seattle, Washington and the Rocket team will be there too. Here’s a preview of where we’ll be, and what we’ll be talking about. Everything You Wanted to Know About DB2 Logs, But Were Afraid to Ask […]

IBM Destination z Mainframe

Rocket mainframe news roundup

Rocketeers don’t just contribute here on the Rocket blog–they’re also busy writing on other sites as well. In case you missed them, here are a few mainframe-related pieces that our team has penned recently (Bryan Smith has been especially busy).  Have a read and let us know your thoughts on any (or all) of these […]