• May 22, 2019


Rocket at IBM Edge 2016 Modernization

Welcome to IBM Edge 2016

Edge 2016 starts today, and 40+ Rocketeers from all over the world are arriving in Las Vegas to attend the conference and join thousands of business and tech professionals to drive success in the cognitive era. The theme for Edge this year is disruption: how new technologies and ideas supplant established business models and ways […]

Rocket Software IBM i AS/400 Solutions Modernization

Your IBM i system: your best bet for the future

Twice in the past couple months, I’ve met with IBM i users whose companies had just abandoned attempts to replace their IBM i platforms. Executive management wanted new, modern looking applications and had dismissed the IBM i as “old” technology. At both companies, the executives dramatically underestimated the business domain knowledge that had been built […]

JDE Green Screen Workshop Modernization

From green to clean: how to prepare for the modernization of customized JDE green-screen applications

One of the biggest challenges in the technology world is keeping existing software relevant. No organization wants to go through a major replacement every few years just to keep up with the times, but at the same time legacy systems need to be as easy to use as the latest and greatest software. Making this […]