• August 17, 2022



Using SQL to Query IBM i System Information

When you’re an administrator on IBM i (or any platform) you are constantly looking for ways to do things more efficiently. In many cases, a better way of doing a task is sitting right under your nose. Such was the case for me and the DB2 for i – Services available in library QSYS2. These […]

Anaconda Programming

The Union of the Snake: z/OS meets Anaconda

It’s no secret that performing analytics where the data is created and lives is the best solution. That’s because analytics can be done natively on the mainframe rather than requiring users to export data, crunch the numbers, and then return them to the main system. But mainframes were originally built to be programmed in COBOL […]

Big Data Programming

Where do programming languages come from, and how do they die?

I was recently investigating how best to port an application to the Eclipse development platform. Doing so, I needed to extend Eclipse with the ability parse the application’s programming language. Eclipse has a very nice tool to use called XText. However it required me to learn yet another language called XTend. To be fair, XTend […]

Knight Programming

Understanding Russian dominance in competitive chess

I am going to a turn away from computers and chess and just talk about chess itself and its history in this blog entry. If you are a chess aficionado, it cannot have escaped your notice that the Russians (for the sake of this article I will use this term to include all members of […]

Knight Programming

When computer chess programs sulked…

In the early development of computer chess programs, some programs manifested a very interesting characteristic. The programs appeared to be pouting/sulking. The observed behavior occurred when the computer found it was in a losing position and it started to make “stupid” moves giving away pieces and making nonsense checks with loss of material. This puzzled many of […]


Rocket UniData 8.1 gets more SaaS-y: account-based licensing

One of the cool new features released in Rocket UniData 8.1 is the ability to define virtual groups of accounts and allocate a maximum number of licenses that can used by that virtual group across one or more accounts. Why Might You Care? Go talk to your DevOps people who need to guarantee that they […]


Execute Rocket MV U2 Subroutine Asynchronously using C# (async\await) and U2 Toolkit for .NET

Overview “Asynchronous programming involves executing operations in the background so the main thread can continue its own operations. This way the main thread can keep the user interface responsive while the background thread is processing the task at hand. .NET framework 4.5 introduced the [C# (async/await)] and [VB.NET (Async\Await)] keywords to simplify asynchronous programming (Joshi, […]


Live from IBM InterConnect: dev@labs day 2

You know you are at  developer conference for IBM when one of the topics is “Running Minecraft on System Z.” The obvious question would be why would you do this and the answer was “because you can.” I spent Tuesday at dev@interconnect, a set of sessions that focus on independent developers, encouraging them to use […]


What ever happened to computer chess?

Both chess and computer programming are two subjects that have been important to me for many years. Why is it that the subject of computer chess is not very popular these days? Have we gotten blasé about the subject since the defeat of the then World Champion Gary Kasparov by Deep Blue in May 1997? […]