• May 17, 2022

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: Onward and Upward into 2016

Today is the last day of 2015 – and this is the last installment of our Rocket at 25 series. It’s been a great year for the entire Rocket community, but we’ve already turned the calendar to 2016 and are ready for launch into our 27th year! So what do the next 366 days (don’t […]

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Rocket at 25: recognizing our first Distinguished Engineers

I am excited to let you know that we (finally) launched our Distinguished Engineer program this year.  We formally announced our first two Distinguished Engineers – Tim Willging and Joe Devlin – at the closing of our Rocket Summit a few weeks ago here in Boston. We created this distinction and honor to recognize truly […]

2015 Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: top 10 blog entries of 2015

As Rocket’s 25th anniversary year draws to a close, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the blog posts that you, our esteemed readers, found most interesting. Not surprisingly, technical posts rose to the top–maybe you’re trying to tell us something. Some of these posts were actually written before the year […]

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: Making the CEO to CIO connection

Last week Andy Youniss and I sat on a panel at the SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit. The discussion covered a number of topics, but one of the most interesting was about the CEO / CIO relationship. We answered a number of questions on the subject, which got me thinking about how important this connection […]

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Rocket at 25: A Magic Month For Rocket

If there’s one thing I can say after 25 years of running Rocket is that we don’t have many slow months. Rocketeers are always busy building new products, improving existing ones, working with our customers and partners to deliver great solutions, and planning for our future together. But the last 30 days are the busiest […]

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: The Value of MultiValue

Imagine a technology solution that could allow you to manage massive amounts of unstructured data quickly, accurately, and efficiently. A system that could handle PDFs, photographs, Word documents, and emails just as easily as it handles data that’s neatly arrayed in a table? Welcome to the world of MultiValue – which has been delivering on […]

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: Howdy, partner!

Over the past 25 years, people have asked me, “How many of your partnerships are really win-win?” That’s a hard question to answer because at Rocket we believe in more than just “win-win.” For us, it is about “win-win-win.” A win for our customers means a win for our partners means a win for us. […]

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: finding a balance

What does success mean to you? If you are male, you probably define and view success differently from females. In the early 1970’s, the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY ) surveyed 5,000+ intellectually talented students who were identified at age 12-14 and then tracked for 20 years. At that point, findings indicated that both […]

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Rocket at 25: Collaboration, customers, community and why meeting in person matters

Every day Rocketeers across the globe connect in ways that would have astonished the business world two decades ago. Online meetings have made communication more efficient and reliable. Yet in spite of great technologies that facilitate Web-based meetings, Rocket still puts on several large-scale events every year that connect hundreds of employees from around the […]

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: Strengthening our IBM partnership

I wrote a note to our global Rocketeers earlier this month and told them that I can’t believe August is already here. This year is a milestone year for us – our 25th anniversary year – and it is flying by so fast. We’ve been spending time this year looking back on our first 25 […]