• February 15, 2019

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: How BYOD and Smart Mobile Have Changed the Business World

Twenty years ago a new term was introduced into the lexicon: smartphone. It was originally used to describe AT&T’s “PhoneWriter Communicator,” but it quickly became the preferred nomenclature for mobile phones that could also handle other functions such as email and calendaring. And while most people think of these devices as great tools for personal use, they have also fundamentally transformed how […]

Apple Newton Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: remember the 1990s?

As Rocket celebrates our 25th year, we’ve been looking back at some of the milestones that the company – and the technology world at large – has seen since we opened our doors. There has certainly been a lot of change since our first decade in business, so today we’d like to take a few […]

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: A Penny for Your Thoughts

Surveys. We are constantly bombarded with surveys – after we take a flight, after we check out of a hotel, after we purchase a car, etc. And that doesn’t even count the random ones that show up in our inboxes every day. Which ones do you respond to? Which ones do you ignore? Rocket Software […]

Hubble Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: the year that was 1990

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rocket Software, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at what the world was like in 1990–the year Rocket was founded. A lot has changed! Here are just a few of the things that happened 25 years ago: The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed […]

Rocket Software Solutions Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: acquiring differently

Over the last 25 years Rocket Software has grown both organically and through acquisitions. Our first acquisition was led by our co-founder Johan Gedda, who saw the company through more than 20 acquisitions. Johan passed the torch to me four years ago and I’ve been leading our acquisition strategy ever since. We’ve refined our strategy […]

Rocketcaster #1 Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: the history behind Rocketcaster #1

If you’ve attended an IBM-hosted event in recent years, you may have seen CEO Andy Youniss give away a guitar before a well-known band comes on–or even play guitar himself before the show. What you may not know is that these aren’t any guitar you can get off the shelf at your local musical instrument […]

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: how Rocket helps Japan’s automakers be globally competitive

We often say that Rocket Software has over 10 million users and over 15,000 customers but those are just numbers. What is really important is who those people are and what they do with our technology to help drive their businesses. While our users work in many industries there is a strong concentration in the […]

First Magazine Mention Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: our first magazine appearance

As we’ve mentioned before, Rocket was founded in April 1990. The company got off to a quiet start, but by October of that year, the media was starting to take notice. Thanks to the magic of Google, we can see Rocket’s first magazine mention in the October 15, 1990 issue of Computer World, accompanied by […]

Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: how my career started with a summer internship

A lot of people in the technology industry have a story about an event early in their careers that helped set the course for the next several decades. For me, my “lucky break” happened when I was in between my sophomore and junior year in college. In the summer of 1981, I was an intern […]

Rocket at 25

CEO Andy Youniss discusses the Internet of Things, mobile tech and more in this audio interview

CEO Andy Youniss was recently in Australia to celebrate Rocket’s 25th birthday, and took some time to talk to OmniChannel Media. In this interview, Andy talks new tech, and how companies like Rocket keep up with an ever-changing development environment. Listen to the interview and let us know if you agree with Andy.