• May 19, 2022


Rocket.Build Lab Rocket.Build

Rocket.Build: Fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration

For the second year, Rocket.Build will be a central part of our Rocket Leadership Summit this week, with more than 130 Rocketeers from around the world gathering in to collaborate on innovations and give life to ideas that will drive future success for Rocket Software. Rocket.Build sprang from a challenge that we came up with […]


Customers, Community, Containers?

This may sound like a game of ‘spot the odd one out’ to you but the combination of those three words actually does make a lot of sense for the coming week. No, we are not going to put our customers into containers 🙂 Instead, we’re inviting our customers to join us as we gather in Boston […]

Document Rocket.Build

What document am I?

Determining the nature of a document Last November I headed up a team[1]* competing in Rocket Software’s inaugural Rocket.Build hackathon. We placed third with a solution that allows our document archiving product Arkivio to determine archiving strategies based on the nature of the document. Arkivio allows administrators to set rules that determine when and how […]

Rocket Mainframe Data Access for Bluemix Rocket.Build

How Rocket Mainframe Data Service on Bluemix went from idea to reality

Rays of winter mid-morning sun were hesitantly entering the hotel’s conference room, where a number of Rocketeers listened intently to CTO Bryan Smith explaining the rules of Rocket.Build. Each team needed to present their idea in the most appealing way to potentially recruit some additional workforce from “floaters” around the room. Steve Able and I […]


Rocket at 25: If You Build It…

One of the things we constantly talk about at Rocket is innovation. How can we build great new products? How can we improve solutions that are already in the market? How can we prepare for the future to solve problems that don’t even exist yet? Last year we introduced Rocket.Build, a “hackathon” featuring many of […]

Rocket Build Montage Rocket.Build

Rocket at 25: Collaboration, customers, community and why meeting in person matters

Every day Rocketeers across the globe connect in ways that would have astonished the business world two decades ago. Online meetings have made communication more efficient and reliable. Yet in spite of great technologies that facilitate Web-based meetings, Rocket still puts on several large-scale events every year that connect hundreds of employees from around the […]

Rocket Build Montage Rocket.Build

Rocket DiGIT recap: Preparing infrastructure for digital transformation

Last week at the Rocket 25 DiGIT Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, I had the pleasure of meeting dozens of customers from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and the UK.  I also had the honor of presenting a conference-wide presentation on preparing infrastructure for digital transformation. This was a first-time presentation of my thoughts on this topic.  […]


Rocket at 25: Build it with Rocket

In 2015 Rocket celebrates its 25th birthday, and I am celebrating my first year with Rocket. This is a good occasion to look back on an eventful and exciting time for me. When Rocket acquired my employer, Trubiquity, last March, we were all very excited but not too sure what the future would bring – […]


Mixology: 2 ounces of IBM Bluemix, 1 ounce of VSAM, and ½ ounce of MongoDB Driver

In mixing glass or cocktail shaker filled with Bluemix, combine VSAM and node.js. Shake well (about 20 seconds) then strain into a jade glass. Garnish with MongoDB Driver and serve. OK.  I promise you won’t be forced to drink what you mixed; we need a break after the festivities of the year end. But I […]


Rocket.Build: the soul of who we are

It was past 1:00am on Wednesday night (technically Thursday). The Rocket.Build Lab was full of people–at least 30 engineers were in the room with me. Some on their bean bags chairs, some sunk into couches. Others were sitting on tables and chairs. All were glued to their laptops. There was a lot of chatter; someone […]